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Making Room For Another One

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Over the past three years, I've absolutely loved every moment of being an aunt and godmother to my nephew, Mateo. I've seen his many milestones, witnessed many of his firsts, been there for countless trips to Kidzoona and other kid-friendly places, etc.

Et cetera.

And then we found out that we would soon be expecting another baby; that Mateo would be a big brother. I was thrilled when my brother and sister-in-law made the announcement (on Mateo's 3rd birthday last October). As the months went by, we all started to prepare for the arrival of the newest member of the family.

There would be discussions along the way, though. Things like "How do you make room in your heart for a new baby?" or "I can't imagine loving this kid just as much" came up. And my mom, a pro at dividing her love among multiple children, reassured both my brother and sister-in-law, as well as the rest of us, that somehow, our hearts would find ways to make room for this new life; so much so that we'd be able to share the love equally among both Mateo and his future sibling (and any other sibling – or cousin — that God might bless this family with), even if we couldn't imagine just how at the time.

As with any baby on the way, we would also discuss how things with Mateo would go, how different or similar they would be, and how life raising two boys (yes, we found out the second baby was a boy!) would turn out. It goes without saying that we were so excited and ready to welcome the newest member of the family!

And on June 2nd, Manu entered this world and officially became a part of our lives.

And we needn't worry about how Mateo would feel knowing that he was no longer the only kid around. It was love at first sight when Mateo first touched his baby brother's hands and feet.

"Hi, I'm your big brother!" Mateo whispered, in the gentlest of ways. He was awestruck with his future sidekick in the flesh, after months of witnessing his Mama's growing belly. For him to make the connection that this was the baby in Mama's tummy was a sight to behold.

Needless to say, these boys' Mama was a warrior throughout Manu's delivery.

The best smiles ever coming from such a proud big brother and his Dada.

The day after Manu's birth, we got to spend a bit more time with him (and his family) and really notice more details about his features that we had missed earlier.

Like how fair he was, how he had straight, fine hair, and how delicate his features were.

We also noticed that he inherited Anna's long fingers and toes. Mateo, on the other hand, inherited our side of the family's "cute" chubby digits.

And of course, we relished the interaction that Mateo had with his baby brother, since Manu would be rooming in with their parents.

I also got to take a photo of them, now as a foursome, which happened to feature the appearance of Spider-Man's webslinging fingers (Mateo is currently obsessed with The Avengers).

It has been almost a week since Manu was born, and I'm loving that, as their very hands-on aunt, I now get to share my time, attention, energy, and love between both boys — together and separately. I'm loving that I already see differences in their personalities and looks, as well as similarities. And I'm loving the fact that I can see how exciting and enriching life will be with these two boys around.

Have we made room in our hearts for another one? This is probably the easiest question in the world to answer.


I can safely say that if it were possible to grow another heart — instead of simply sharing the same heart and making room in it for another life — each of us grew a second heart the moment we saw Manu. And we can't wait to fill it with experiences, memories, laughter, and a whole lot of love.

Congratulations to my brother Chuck, sister-in-law Anna, and the proudest big brother Mateo! I thank the Lord for each of you, and I'm more than grateful to be a part of these boys' lives.

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