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Trying Something New: The Wave Rider 20

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Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post; Mizuno provided me with a pair of Wave Rider 20's to review. I am, in no way, a professional runner or triathlete, but I am a huge fan of the multisport world and love talking about and trying different accessories and gadgets that can help me improve as an amateur athlete.

For most of my running and multisport life, many of you would know that I've been used to running with a certain brand. I've stuck with it because I felt that it reduced (or eliminated) the symptoms of my foot injuries, and to be perfectly honest, aesthetics-wise, I loved all their designs.

However, I won't close my doors on other brands that can elevate or enhance my performance. Especially when it comes to running, which is my weakest discipline out of the three in triathlon.

So when Mizuno Philippines reached out to me to ask if I could try out their newest shoe, of course I didn't hesitate.

After the recently concluded The Bull Runner Dream Marathon, I headed over to the Mall of Asia where the brand would be launching the Wave Rider 20, the latest in their flagship line.

I was immediately fitted with a pair of men's shoes (because my feet are disgustingly big like that) and almost instantly, I noticed how comfortable they felt. This would be my first time to use a pair of Mizunos.

There was a group of influencers who were also invited to the launch — majority of whom were either runners or triathletes, with a few who were more of lifestyle bloggers and influencers who happened to work out on occasion. Those of us who wanted to run with the shoes were invited to bring our footwear with us for a few drills and sprints along the boardwalk of Manila Bay.

A tent was set up on the boardwalk, and there, we could see the history of the Wave Rider line.

That's 20 years right there, in increments of five years!

A giant Wave Rider was also there to welcome us!

We were then asked to do a series of drills: high knees, sprints, and a 3-minute steady run along the boardwalk. We were asked to note how responsive the shoe was, if it was comfortable, and if we had other things that came to mind.

Here are my initial impressions after wearing the shoes for around 30 minutes and having done different kinds of drills with the shoes.

(I'll skip all the technical details because you could just Google all those if you're into that kind of information.)

  • Cushioning: It really feels like you're walking on clouds.
  • Responsiveness: While doing sprints, in particular, the shoes felt really bouncy and my feet lifted off almost immediately after touching the ground.
  • Just the right heel-to-toe drop: For a neutral shoe, I felt that this was a good enough height. Not too flat, not too clunky (which is the case for most stability shoes). Since I'm a midfoot striker, this was just right for me. I'm not sure how heel strikers would feel, however.
  • Wide toe box: Perfect for my wide feet, or "paws", as a friend of mine likes to call them. This will come in handy especially for long runs, when my feet will expand by a bit.
  • Overall look and material: Nice design and colorways (I would've liked to be able to wear the light blue and pink women's shoe, but naturally, I couldn't fit into any of those available) and very comfortable upper mesh.
  • High/stiff heel box: Maybe I'm just not used to it, but I found that the heel box was too high for my liking. Or maybe it was still too stiff at this point and it still needs to be broken in. I'm not sure how it would fare after doing a bike ride (i.e. in a brick session or in a race), but I need the heel box to be comfortable and more than that, I need it to not give me blisters.
I'll try and write a more comprehensive review after doing a longer run (i.e. 10K and up), but for now, it's safe to say that it's nice to try a different shoe brand, after getting used to the same one for the past almost four years.

Thanks to Mizuno for this runtastic opportunity!

P.S. I'd like to congratulate my teammates and friends who ran the Bull Runner Dream Marathon: Kacci, Rorie, Tring, Ria, Arianne, Kay, Marge, and others whose names escape me right now. I was proud to see you giving it your all until the finish line, and the smiles on your faces conveyed just how much the journey to 42K was all worth it.

A special shoutout, however, goes to Kacci, my Poveda Tri teammate who, on her first marathon experience, not only set a record for herself, but crossed the finish line as the first female and fifth overall! What an achievement!

And she did it using her own pair of Mizuno Wave Riders. I guess this serves as proof of the shoe's prowess.

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