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My New Normal

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It's been a pretty interesting year so far.

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I've been "quiet" on the blogging front because as some of you might or might not have heard, around the third week of January, I was told to take some time away from work and from training to rest, and to undergo certain procedures to find out what medical condition I had.

Without going into too much detail, I had been facing a feminine kind of challenge (let's leave it at that). Apart from this, for several months, I noticed that I hadn't been sleeping well (I would wake up at 2am almost every night, even on the nights I was tired from long hours at work and even if I had to wake up in a few hours to train or to race), my weight was dropping quickly, and I was prone to inexplicable anxiety and nervousness.

As someone who thought knew herself pretty well and had some "mastery" over her own body (especially being an athlete), it was, needless to say, a daunting period for someone like me. I wrestled with uncertainty, fear, more anxiety, and restlessness. Apart from this, to be honest, I had lots of questions about God's character; not just because of what was happening to me, but because I could see how people around me were going and had been through lots of difficulty and suffering.

While I was waiting for my official diagnosis, God taught me a few things, which I'd like to share. And if this blesses you and enlightens you in any way, then all praises be to Him!

  1. The importance of REST. Many times, we think we can do it all and keep it up. Until something catches your attention and makes you realize that you're not immortal; neither are you a robot. Rest and time for oneself are important and shouldn't be neglected; best not to wait for a rude awakening before prioritizing this.
  2. That you are never fully in control of any situation, your future, and what happens to you; He is. We can plan all we want, dream all we want, calendar our activities and events all we want, but sometimes, God will get your attention and make you realize that you can only do so much. He is the Ultimate Planner of our lives, of what happens to us.
  3. The right (or at least, the better) way to pray. From prayers that are more self-fulfilling, He will lead you to be more selfless, more open to what His will is.
  4. Faith is really NOT based on feelings. If this were the case, then I truly wonder how many of us would still be faith-filled by now. It's really a matter of surrendering, of dying to self, ESPECIALLY when doubt creeps in.
  5. That God is truly good. For a time, I actually did wonder if He really wanted me to be well or if He really wanted me to go through that period (pun somewhat intended) of anxiety just to test me. Screwed up theology, I know. After some time of praying and reflecting on His Word, I realized that God is really a rewarder and that He loves nothing more than to make and see His children happy; in a perfect, un-"fallen" world, suffering really wouldn't have existed anyway. But His will really is different from what we can ever imagine or think, so we just have to trust that come what may, everything that happens to us is for our own good and eventual happiness.
By God's grace, the worst of my fears didn't materialize, and I'm currently on medication (with a few dietary restrictions) for hyperthyroidism. It is a hormonal imbalance caused by an excessive production of the thyroid hormone. It was a nasty cycle wherein stress was the biggest trigger of this condition, but having hyperthyroidism (and its symptoms, such as anxiety, lack of appetite, drastic mood swings, palpitations, etc.) also added to my stress. Which, in turn, messed up my feminine cycle in a big way.

This is my new "normal", but one that I'm grateful to deal with. It could have been much, much worse, so I'm thankful that God used this time of rest and body "rebooting" to fix me — not just physically, but emotionally, mentally, and more importantly, spiritually.

I'm now back at work and slowly easing my way back into my usual training regimen. Please say a prayer as I figure out how to balance things more efficiently, without compromising my health and overall wellness.

Have a blessed week ahead, everyone! And may it be as stress-free as possible.

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  1. I know how you feel. Last year, I broke my right arm, with both the radius and ulna sticking out. Needless to say, I had surgery - and now I have pins and rods holding up my right arm and wrist. Push-ups are no longer an option for me, as are baseball and basketball. And so I swim more now. This came at the heels of losing someone I love. The difference between us is that I lost all faith. You kept yours. As a stranger who just reads your blog from time to time, I humbly ask that you include me in a prayer or two, as I can no longer bring myself to do so. Thank you in advance, Ms. Araneta.

    1. So sorry for this shamefully delayed reply! I only got around to blogging again today (I have a new update, LOL). I'm sorry to hear about what's been happening to you. Praying that you continue to recover in all the ways that matter, and more importantly, that the Lord will make His presence felt in your life. God bless you!


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