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Before #CourageousCaitie and #MightyEthan came along, there were Feliz and Jayjay (or, as many of their other friends also call them, simply "Tine" or "Jay") as individuals.

Photo from Facebook

And before Lifestyle by Feliz and Chestknots Studios came to be, like many of us, Feliz and Jayjay once struggled to find out what their hearts' passions were. 

It's funny now, looking back at the photos above, which were taken several years (and the low-res quality proves it!) before they found their own niches: in 2008, with Feliz and a few other friends, we helped plan and coordinate for the wedding of our close friends; in 2006, with Jayjay (right) and some other friends, we would simply volunteer to document the events at church, until eventually, a photo ministry was formed.

Fast forward to today: Feliz and her team are some of the most sought-after lifestyle stylists in the country, as are Jayjay and his team in the realm of wedding photography here and abroad.

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We know that #CourageousCaitie displayed bravery unlike any other child (or adult, even) in her three years of life here on earth. We also know that Ethan will be nurtured and taught to have courage rooted in Christ in the same way.

Photo from Facebook

But I'd like to take a moment to praise God for how He mapped out Feliz and Jayjay's stories individually — as they sought after their own passions and eventually, not only got together and formed a business together, but fused their passions and allowed them to overflow into their kids' lives.

I believe that part of the reason behind Caitie's courage was the fact that she saw both her parents living life fully, capturing it, and embracing it.

Caitie being her Mom's assistant during a shoot
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I also believe that the creativity she inherited from her parents — her mom's ability to put different elements together to create something aesthetically pleasing, as well as her dad's keen eye for capturing beauty in every moment — was something she wanted to hone and perfect, because it gave her an outlet, let her express herself, and gave people glimpses of who she was, without her needing to say a word.

Her dad's protegé
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Lastly, I believe that as her parents move on in this life and eventually get back to what used to be their normal routines, that Caitie will live on in their works. That the looks and concepts her mom will put together will take on fresh perspectives each time; that the beauty of each moment photographed by her dad will be captured with a sense of wonder.

Photo from Facebook

And now that God has placed new passions in their hearts as well, especially in honor of Caitie, I know that He has adequately prepared both of them and given them their unique gifts to continue glorifying Him and being channels of His blessings.

I thank Him for allowing me to be a part of their lives for many years now. And in recent months, for giving me almost a "full-access pass" in their daily journey through regular Viber conversations and exchanges with them and the wonderful people who make up "Mission Courageous Caitie".

Like I told the two of them, this friendship will always be for keeps — from now until Eternity!

(Hi, Tine and Jay! Just wanted to boost your spirits a bit. Praying that you'll continue to find reasons to smile, especially on tougher days. Always remember: Jesus loves you more than most!)

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  1. Hi Tin! This is an awesome post. I don't know the Lucas family but they sure have sparked a new perspective in my life. And reminded me that Jesus really has a plan for me. And to trust Him and pray. (Really pray) Thank you Catie! ❤️

    1. Hi, Tess! Miss you! And yes, Jesus really does have a wonderful plan for you (and Paul). Can't wait to see you!


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