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Friday Faves No. 1

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I don't remember whose blog featured something like this (or from where I picked this up), but since it's a Friday, I thought of doing this quick entry.

Today (and in succeeding Friday Faves posts), I'll briefly run through a few items that I consider must-haves, or have at least made my week better.

Here are this week's Friday Faves:

1) Bicycle Desktop Accessory

My sister got this for me before I returned to work in January. It's definitely a favorite because it's red (which has been my favorite color the past few years), and because it's a bike (no kidding?). Whenever I look at it, I get excited for the weekend, especially if a long ride is involved, because I have more time to train on weekends. Plus, I love how "crafts-y" it looks.

Bike accessory from Papelmeroti.

2) Dove Dry Shampoo

I don't just have straight-as-a-rod hair, but almost baby-fine hair. This means that the moment my scalp sweats, the hair strands near my forehead are bound to get oily. I've noticed that my hair has a certain "deadline" before it starts to get unbearably oily: 10pm onwards, my hair becomes not just limp, but you can almost fry an egg on my scalp with the amount of oil it accumulates. I feel this most especially when I have to pull overnighters at work, or when I'm at a TVC shoot that runs for more than 20 hours.

But since I've discovered the wonders of dry shampoo, I've managed to keep the oiliness at bay — at least for several more hours until my hair is reunited with real, liquid shampoo once more. I part my hair into sections, press down on the nozzle several centimeters away from my scalp, and spray thoroughly across the different sections of my hair. Then I run my fingers through each of the sections so that the dry shampoo gets absorbed by as many strands as possible. After brushing my hair, it looks decent once more. I now keep a can of this at work in case of an emergency, i.e. a presentation to client at 9am after an all-nighter (haha!).

Dove Dry Shampoo is available online or in select Robinsons Supermarkets (the last branch that I saw carried this variant was the one in Eastwood).

3) Multi-Port USB Charger

Are you a gadget freak like me? My family and friends make fun of how many chargers I bring with me, especially when I travel. I'm so used to packing a multi-socket adaptor (much like this one) — with all my chargers plugged into it! — inside my luggage. Which definitely looks funny. 

Recently, though, I decided to buy a multi-port USB charger, so I don't have to bring separate USB plug sockets and a multi-socket adaptor, especially when I travel. Now, all I'll have to do is bring the cables for my phones and cameras, at least, and I'm good to go!

(I wouldn't recommend using one of these on a daily basis, though. It could be dangerous.)

Multi-port USB charger from Cable Monster.

What are some your own Friday Faves? Stay tuned for future posts like this one!

Have a great weekend!

(Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. All of these items were purchased by me.)

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