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The Annual Tri Wish List: The 2015 Edition

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It's the most wonderful time of the year — rather, it's fast approaching — and 'tis the season to dream big and drool over things that one could only hope to acquire for the succeeding training/race season.

These are what I wish for (whether feasible or not in terms of actual acquisition) for the following year:

1) An upgraded groupset

Because who doesn't want a lighter bike and to be more efficient in climbing, right? I currently use the Tiagra. The Ultegra groupset is my dream right now, but I'll happily settle for the Shimano 105, to be perfectly honest.

Photo from evanscycles.

2) The Newton Ironman Distance Elite Shoes

I'll be joining the Ironman 70.3 race next year in Cebu (but only as a member of a relay team; I'll be doing the swim). However, I'd love to have a pair of these to motivate myself to do the whole thing someday. Plus, they'd be fun to use on speedwork days or to race with for short distances.

Also: for some reason, I somehow prefer the four-lug system of Newton. I don't know why.

Photo from

3) A carbon clincher wheelset

I currently use a 45mm aluminum-carbon wheelset, but I know my bike will perform even better on a 55mm carbon clincher wheelset. I don't enjoy climbs, but I love going fast on relatively flat roads, and a pair of something like these will help me unleash my inner speed "angel".
Photo from

4) A carbon frame

Orbea has been my bike brand of choice — mainly for silly reasons, but a part of me wants to embrace the little drops of Spanish DNA I have; Orbea is a Spanish brand — and I'd love to own an Orbea Ordu frame. And in keeping with my color scheme the past few years (black-red-white), I'd still like to own a frame that has those colors.

(I realize now, with the bike parts I listed here, that I'm practically assembling an entirely new bike. Haha!)
Photo from

5) A chance to race abroad with my triathlon team

Because that would be — without a doubt — beyond awesome. Anywhere in Asia (like the Hong Kong ITU), for starters, would be an amazing, thrilling experience.

Photo from

Runner-up item: red cycling/tri shoes

Red is my favorite color (has been for the past few years), and I'd love to own a pair of red cycling/tri shoes. I'm not brand-conscious at all; I just want a red pair because I'm vain like that.

Photo from

Fellow tri geeks, what are on your wish list? I must admit that it's so much fun to dream and get caught up in what's possible or impossible. If I could create a Pinterest board of all the things I'd love to own, tri-wise, I probably would.

But if you decide to treat yourself with an item on your wish list, don't also forget the real Reason for this Season, and to share your blessings with those around you, especially those who need it most!

Enjoy the Holidays!

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  1. After reading this, I saw a link to an old Christmas wishlist post you wrote. My my, how your priorities have changed! You should write about that, just to check if it really did :) As for my wishlist, well...just one item for the time being: Frank Turner gig tickets.

    1. Haha! I guess they did change a lot, since I'm also more exposed to more and more triathletes and what their needs our for training and racing. Hope you enjoyed the Holidays! Happy New Year!


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