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About a month ago, at a cousin's wedding, another cousin of mine (if you're a female, into fashion and other related lifestyle topics, you're most probably a follower of my cousin, Kally) and I were catching up. I was playing with her WiFi-enabled Canon camera, which she uses to take photos of her outfits and travel adventures. Then she mentioned that in one of the blogger events she attended, she discovered the wonders of a WiFi SD card.

"Wait, what?" was my reaction.

"Yes! There are SD cards with WiFi! Check it out," she told me.

Days after that conversation took place, I did my research and scoured online shops so I could order one for myself. I ended up purchasing two Toshiba Flash Air 8GB cards.

When I got them, I placed one inside my Canon EOS 550D camera, and another one in my Nikon S3400 digital camera. This happened on the week of my nephew's first birthday, and I wanted to test the SD cards on both cameras on this day.

First things first, though. I had to install the FlashAir app from Toshiba on my iPhone.

Then I had to figure out how to configure it. Each card came with a set of instructions that were fairly simple enough to follow.

Once I was able to synch my phone with the SD card's WiFi network, and the app was able to recognize the card, then I was all set.

An unedited photo of my dinner the day my SD cards arrived.
Photo taken with my Canon EOS 550D.
It was taken and transferred to my phone in less than a minute.

So far, it's been a handy thing to have. Sometimes, I don't want to just rely on the high resolution and quality of my iPhone's camera settings; I miss being able to compose and manually adjust settings (especially depth of field and ISO). With a WiFi SD card, I'm glad that I can tinker with the settings of my DSLR and compose photos the way I normally would with a camera, but I no longer have to wait for a computer to transfer the photos from my camera to my phone.

Also, I don't have to blow thousands of pesos buying a WiFi-ready camera; I can make do with the cameras I already have and instantly transfer the photos I take with those cameras and share them on social media using my smartphone.

Interested in getting one? Here are several notes, though, before you hit that "purchase" button on your favorite online shop:

  • Unlike the GoPro app where you can remotely use your phone to act as the shutter, the FlashAir app doesn't allow that. Its function is merely for transferring photos from your camera to your phone.
  • I tried taking a video with my camera, thinking that I could also transfer it to my phone via the app. Unfortunately (unless I missed something), it seems to transfer photos only. 
  • The moment you turn on your camera, it essentially "turns on" your SD card's WiFi connection. If you plan on transferring lots of photos and don't want to interrupt the process, make sure to keep your camera on. Once you turn your camera off, your phone is disconnected from the card's WiFi signal.
  • If you plan on uploading something right after transferring a photo from your camera, note that most likely, your phone will be using the WiFi signal coming from your SD card; therefore, it won't recognize your data plan's 3G or LTE connection. Either turn off your WiFi connection on your phone, or simply turn off your camera.
Some sample photos taken from my nephew's birthday, which I was able to upload right away during the party.

And I tried it out one time while biking. I was able to upload pics taken with my Nikon digicam, using my phone (which I don't always bring in my bike bag), while taking a break.

If you plan on getting one (or more) of them, happy clicking and uploading! Let me know how it turns out for you.

(Disclaimer: Toshiba didn't pay or ask me to write this blog entry, neither was I sent any samples. I just felt like writing about this, in case other photo enthusiasts like me might want to know what's out there. However, should Toshiba or other similar manufacturers be interested in a feature, just holler.)

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