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Happy 1st Birthday, Mateo!

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Two Saturdays ago, my nephew celebrated his 1st birthday (can you believe it; wasn't it just yesterday when I posted about his birth?). And in keeping with his parents' wedding theme two years ago, he also had a Peanuts-themed party.

Thanks to Mateo's Mama and Dada, I had the opportunity to help out with the party preps.

Peanuts backdrop designed by me; banderitas and Snoopy doghouse by Mateo's Mama Anna.

Party set-up: Mateo's guests were treated to catering by Passion Cooks, flavored French fries, ice cream, taho, and some photobooth fun (Funlimited, the photobooth service, hadn't set up their booth yet when this shot was taken).

The kiddies' table. Anna's idea was to make it "color-able", so she left out some markers for the kids. The table cloth was designed by me (illustrations and layout).

Of course Mateo needed his own Peanuts-ified character. Here was the character I designed, which his Mama blew up into a standee that welcomed the guests by the entrance.

Party favors by Oriental Trading.

Party favors by Anna, card design by me.

Cake by Sweet Cirque.

The birthday boy showing off his three teeth. He was wearing what his Dad, Chuck, wore on his 1st birthday 29 years ago.

Before the party started, Mateo's child dedication took place. His Lolo Jimi did the honors of dedicating Mateo to the Lord. Pictured here are Mateo with his parents, both sets of grandparents, and great grandmother (Anna's grandma).

I had the privilege of being one of Mateo's godparents.

When the party started, Mateo and his two sets of families changed into our party outfits: each of us had assigned characters on our shirts (it was a challenge for me to draw 14 or 15 — can't remember now — of the Peanuts characters, including the Mateo-customized one).

With our character shirts! Mateo's cousin, Bella, had a special Woodstock onesie! (Photo by Zeus Martinez Photography.)

There were games both for kids and adults.

And a magic show, c/o Ferdini of Clowning Around.

Over-all, it was a great day, and I hope that when Mateo looks back on his 1st birthday, he'll see how much fun everyone had and how loved he was on his special day.

Happy 1st birthday, little guy!

Looking forward to even more silliness ahead!

All photos in this post, unless otherwise specified, were from my cameras.

More photos here!

Venue: Ayala Heights Clubhouse
Event styling: Anna Hernandez-Araneta
Catering: Passion Cooks
Food Carts: Crafty Celebrations
Cake: Yna Tolentino of Sweet Cirque
Event Hosting: Ferdini of Clowning Around Party Specialists
Photography: Zeus Martinez Photography
Photobooth: Funlimited Photobooth
Photobooth Template: Yours Truly
Peanuts and Mateo Artwork: Yours Truly
Giveaways: Oriental Trading Company

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  1. Oh my goodness, these first birthday photos are so enchanting. I must say that you hosted such a grand event on this special day. These arrangements are giving me some nice inspirations for my son’s birthday party that I want to host at some local party venue NYC.


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