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Given that I don't usually like talking about myself (as chatty as I may come across IRL, I actually prefer listening to people), this will be a tough challenge. But hey, it's always nice to get to know the blogger behind the blog. And when I saw this post by one of the triathletes I follow on social media, Katie, I thought of giving it a shot as well.

So, here goes! If you read this 'til the end, you may just get a prize.

1. I'm the eldest of four siblings in my family.

2. Only one sibling so far is married and has started a family; this makes me a proud aunt to the cutest curly-haired seven-month-old baby boy, Mateo.

3. I only started cooking last year.

4. My favorite thing to cook is pasta.

5. But lately, I've also been experimenting with Asian food (Indian and Thai, in particular).

6. One of the reasons I work out as hard/often as I do is to be able to enjoy good food and burn, baby, burn all them calories.

7. My absolute favorite cuisine is Italian.

8. My favorite Asian cuisines are Japanese and Thai.

9. I'm not really a fan of seafood.

10. My favorite fruit is mango. And it has to be the Philippine mango (sorry, world, but ours is the best; second being the Thai mango).

11. Growing up, my mom got me into all sorts of activities (being the firstborn, I was literally her guinea pig). I've taken up the most random things from art to golf.

12. Strangely, though, I've never taken tennis lessons.

13. The longest sport I was into was swimming (from the 3rd grade all the way 'til high school).

14. The second longest sport I was into was gymnastics (on and off for roughly around three years).

15. I was forced to take ballet and hated it. To this very day, I'm probably the most awkward person you'll ever see on any dance floor.

16. I need to read something every night before I go to bed (apart from the Bible).

17. I learned to read at the age of two.

18. My dad taught me how to speed read when I was around seven years old.

19. I thought, as a child, that I'd either be an animator for Disney or a writer.

20. My two given names came from strong women in my family: the first was after my dad's sister who had passed away before I was even born; the second was after my maternal grandmother.

21. I've never tasted beer in my life (the smell alone repulses me).

22. Neither have I ever touched a cigarette.

23. People don't always believe me when I say I'm an introvert (because I'm usually such a chatterbox).

24. If I don't say much, that means I'm either still warming up to you/the situation or I'm not comfortable at all. Generally, I'm bad at small talk, and I don't really know how to start conversations.

25. But if I don't stop talking when I'm with you, that only means I'm comfortable being with/around you.

26. My family and I became Christians when I was around 4 years old.

27. I accepted Jesus as my personal Lord and Savior as a child, but only truly understood what this meant in my late high school years.

28. I really enjoyed being part of our high school/college ministry back in the day called Jzone.

29. For some reason, I found myself heading as many as seven different ministries (mostly production/creativity/writing-related), especially after my college graduation. I then realized that even when it came to ministry work, one can't be a "jack of all trades, master of none". I couldn't give 100% of myself to God and to the work if I was doing too many things at once. I had to learn how to step back and to delegate.

30. I knew in high school that I wanted to get into advertising after listening to a talk during one of our Career Talk sessions.

31. In college, I wanted to spend my junior year summer internship at a production house (I thought I wanted to change my career path then, from being in an ad agency to the production side), but the biggest advertising agency in the country called me first. So that's where I wound up.

32. After graduation, I decided to work in an advertising agency. Goodbye, production life.

33. I've been working for the same company for ten years now.

34. I started off as a junior art director but eventually shifted to writing.

35. Apart from summer classes and an elective in college, I never really took formal drawing lessons (unlike my peers who majored in Fine Arts, for example).

36. But, yes, I do like to draw on occasion. I just don't have as much confidence in my drawing "skills" as I used to.

37. I used to write stories as a kid. I had so many of them saved on our jurassic desktop computer.

38. I also wrote sonnets and different kinds of poems (at least what I thought were sonnets and poems, from a 9- to 11-year-old's mind). I went through literary phases of sorts.

39. I still want to publish a book before I die.

40. Preferably, a children's book (series?) which I will both write and draw.

41. Sometimes, I still find it hard to believe that I actually did end up writing for a living; just not the kind of writing I envisioned when I was much younger.

42. If I can have a glass of milk every day, I do.

43. I'm really happy that one of the best post-workout recovery drinks is chocolate milk.

44. In my first years of working, I was really "dormant" in the physical activity department. I had always been on the thin side, but gained weight while working.

45. I got into mountain biking in 2011.

46. It was one of my biking friends, who also happened to be an ex-officemate, who suggested that I look into triathlon.

47. I started running in 2012. I hated it with a passion, but realized that I had no choice but to power through since... well, triathlon involves running.

48. I still work on running the most, compared to the other two disciplines, because it's still my weakest sport.

49. I have both plantar fasciitis and posterior tibial tendon dysfunction on my left foot. What are the odds, right?

50. I also have asthma, which is why I make sure that I don't overexert myself while running.

51. I still struggle with inclines while cycling.

52. I really, really love the water.

53. Breaststroke is my favorite stroke.

54. Butterfly is the absolute worst.

55. My idea of a perfect home would be a beachfront house, with a backyard for my dogs, as well as a lap pool.

56. Speaking of dogs, I'm a total dog person.

57. I prefer large dogs to small ones; I enjoy roughing it up with the big ones.

58. I've never owned a cat; have no immediate plans of owning one.

59. I used to be part of the dog show circuit when I'd show my Labrador, Shadow, back when I was in college.

60. I had an ice skating accident on my 13th birthday; while holding hands with my girl friends, it became a chain reaction of falling with me taking the worst hit (landing on my face, to be specific).

61. I had root canal sessions done on my two front teeth for four consecutive Saturdays; not the best way to welcome one's 13th year of life. To this day, I have to go back to the dentist every now and then because the right front tooth is dead and prone to discoloration.

62. I used to be fascinated with twins; I think I was seriously influenced by the Wakefield Twins. This was most manifested when I'd write short stories as a kid.

63. As a child, I always wanted an older sister.

64. Now, I prefer being the eldest.

65. I'm probably the "stage-iest" sister one will ever meet. I will shamelessly post about my siblings' accomplishments, will call out their names during their performances, and will document it all (both photo- and video-wise).

66. I feel truly blessed to have the family I have.

67. I'm very close with all my family members.

68. My sidekick at home is my youngest brother, despite our 13-year age gap.

69. I got into photography back in 2005.

70. I've only ever owned two DSLRs; I still use my second one, a Rebel 550D, to this day.

71. I don't shoot as much as I used to (I would obsessively take photos of everyone and everything), but I'd still want to have an ultrawide lens and a 70-200 f/2.8 lens in my arsenal.

72. I haven't gone to Bohol and Palawan, which have incredible beaches.

73. I love the beach and it's really frustrating that I don't get to beach-hop as much as I'd love to.

74. You could leave me in the water and I'll probably be snorkeling all day.

75. I've yet to try surfing and scuba diving.

76. I am a mosquito magnet; I'm one of those people who'd most likely attract all the mosquitoes while everyone else would have not even a speck of a mosquito bite on their skin.

77. I have skin asthma, as well as eczema, which is unfortunate and is largely the reason behind my choice of apparel (lots of jeans, pants, leggings, and long dresses).

78. I will usually step out of the house with bulky jewelry (bangles or several bracelets and big earrings).

79. I can't leave home without wearing a watch.

80. I don't like being late. The most I will settle for is being on time. As much as possible, I have to arrive earlier than planned.

81. I don't know how to type properly. Never took those typing classes or played those typing games where the left fingers press so-and-so keys and the right ones do the same. So I have this awkward way of typing where my left fingers fly across certain letters but only my right index finger does the typing for my right hand. However, I don't need to look at the keyboard to type; I can type at pretty fast speeds without making mistakes, so I guess this "system" works for me.

82. I only use Mac computers; I haven't owned a Windows PC since the early 2000's (and never owned a Windows laptop).

83. Connected to that, I'm a huge Apple fangirl. Name the product, I will have, at one point or another, owned that Mac/Apple gadget.

84. And, yes, I'm on Team iOS. Sorry, Android fans.

85. I still use my ancient iPod (with Nike+) to monitor my runs.

86. I do, however, want to save up for a proper triathlon-friendly Garmin or Timex watch; more and more I'm realizing the need for one watch that can track my swim, bike, and run progress.

87. I'm fluent in two languages (English and Filipino/Tagalog), decent in Spanish (I studied it all of my academic life and graduated with a minor degree in it back in college), and at a can-manage level in French (took a basic course in French on weekends some five years ago).

88. I want to learn Italian next; for some reason, I'd love to master the three romance languages.

89. If I had the money and time to travel abroad right this second, I'd make Italy my first stop because of: a) the art; b) the sights; c) the food.

90. Then I'd go all over Europe. Yep, I'd totally do a Euro-tour first before even going to the USA.

91. Because, nope, I have never been to the United States (believe it or not).

92. I'm 5'8" and wear size 10 shoes. Needless to say, my sports shoes (running shoes, cycling shoes, kicks, etc.) are men's shoes.

93. I only wear heels when I have to, i.e. for major presentations, to dinner with friends and family, and special events. Aside from the fact that I'm taller than a lot of my friends and don't need to wear heels, for the most part, I've forgotten how to walk in them.

94. I only run in Newtons. After trying different brands (and kinds of shoes: stability, neutral, motion, etc.), Newtons have worked like a charm for my injury-prone feet (see no. 49), so I'm sticking to this brand.

95. I hope to finish a 5150 triathlon next year and finally do a half-marathon this year (obviously I've been prioritizing triathlon training over pure running the last two years). I honestly don't know if an Ironman (or even a 70.3) is in my future because as it is, it's already a struggle juggling triathlon training with the kind of work I do.

96. While I have lots of dreams, and I'm a pretty optimistic person in general, I'm also realistic about what I want to and can achieve.

97. Ultimately, I just want to see my family happy and content, regardless of whatever life throws at us.

98. Whether or not I get married, I want to be able to reach a place where I can truly say I'm more than stable enough to support myself (and this includes all my future endeavors). More importantly, I want to be happy and truly content.

99. I believe that serving God isn't just about the most obvious (meaning: visible) kind of ministry work, but it's in living the life God gave you in the best way possible.

100. I'd really love for God to say, one day, that I did well while I was on earth.

101. Totally unrelated to the previous points: I wonder what's for lunch. And dinner. (I'm hungry pretty much all the time, you see.)
If you finished this post, your prize is: I won't quiz you on any of these points! Congratulations!

But if you didn't read through all 101 items, I'm going to find out one way or another.

(You know I'm joking, right?)

Thanks for dropping by! Hope you're having a happy Thursday!

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  1. Ohhh, I wanna go to Italy too! And then Greece, specifically Santorini. Those are the places I want to visit badly if money wasn't any question at all.:)

    Yayyy for us dog persons!

  2. Same here! Italy and Greece! (Also France and Spain, haha!)

    And yay for being dog people! :D Woof!

  3. Cool 101 post! :) I especially like your items on sports. I wish I had that kind of dedication.

    1. YAY, I LOVE IT. I can actually reply to comments in a thread now. Thank you! Hahahaha! :D

      And I'm sure you can do this, too! You're in a great place conducive to all sorts of physical activity!

  4. Knowing you from 1-101, I definitely see you as a cool gal...

    1. Wow, this is probably the first time anyone said I was "cool"! Haha! I'd be the first to say that I'm the most uncool, most awkward person on the planet. :D But thank you for saying so! God bless your day!


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