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Friday's 10 Happy Things: Episode 3

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Missed out on doing this last week, largely because I was sick most of the week. Not much to report from last week (unless you count trips to the bathroom as "exciting" and "eventful"), so my Episode 3 entry will refer to events from this week instead!

Ditz Revolution
  1. I finally got well enough to get out and run again. Do you know how much I missed working out? Like a true blue adrenaline rush sucker, I kept on thinking about how my bones and muscles were deteriorating while I was lying in bed.
  2. Being able to eat (and enjoy food!) again after having no appetite for several days is such a relief. 
  3. This workweek was productive, creatively inspiring, and relatively stress-free (or at least I didn't let the stress get to me).
  4. It's our church's mid-year fasting week, so I've been away from social media (my personal conviction, not mandated by my church). I've gotten used to being MIA from the cyberworld the weeks we do fast and it's been very refreshing to take a breather from the noise everywhere.
  5. I always enjoy upping my prayer time and prayer intensity every time we fast, especially when I get to pray with my family.
  6. I bought an "adult coloring book" (the type with complicated patterns), brought out my old set of coloring pencils, and have started coloring to destress. So much fun.

  7. Looking up recipes to try out for the next few weekends, hopefully. I want to try making a quiche next. Never really tried pastries (does an apple pie count?) since I started cooking last year so, let's see how it'll turn out.
  8. One of my BFFs is now a certified children's book author and illustrator! Among our circle of friends (it had been a collective dream of ours to write and illustrate a children's book back when we were in high school), she was the only one who had lived out the dream for us. And her book launches tomorrow! #proudfriend
  9. Going to meet new members of our small but growing triathlon team tomorrow at a training session in Subic for swimming and biking. It'll be my first time to actually bike in Subic but I'm sure my more experienced teammates will motivate me to pedal as hard as I can.
  10. These Golden Retriever puppies. Because dogs > anything else.
If you've come across my blog without my sharing this post on social media, thank you for sticking around and actually staying updated! Much appreciated!

Chances are, though, that you usually come here by way of my social media updates. Which will mean that you'll probably be reading this on a Sunday or on a Monday the week after. If so, hello again and I hope you have a wonderful week ahead!

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