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Friday's 10 Happy Things: Episode 2

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Welcome to Episode 2 of Friday's 10 Happy Things! I'll try to do this as often as I can. I think it's a great idea to be able to recount what transpired over the course of a week, especially all the good stuff that happened. (Thanks again, Helga, for the idea!)

Plus, it's a good reason as any to get me to post at least once a week.

So, onward to this week's list:

Ditz Revolution

  1. All the love and support people have been giving my team since we succesfully finished Regent 5150 last Sunday.
  2. Learning that people did make pledges for Helping Hermanas, the cancer community we raced for last Sunday. We appreciate your generosity so much!
  3. Finding out that despite what happened to me during my first-ever open water swim (namely, my goggles malfunctioning), I finished the swim leg faster than expected. I don't know if you can already consider it a personal best, given that this is the only record I have so far, but now I can better prepare myself for the next time I do another open water race.
  4. Another pretty steady workweek, with my agency (and network) bagging a bunch of awards, plus a much-needed client approval that we finally got. Yay!
  5. My dog, Cassie, who continues to welcome me home with "gifts". Being a Lab, she naturally loves retrieving things. Whenever I come home, without fail, she'll bring an old toy or old slipper to me, as if giving me a "gift" upon my arrival. This week, she brought me a really old slipper that I haven't seen in months (now I know where it was all this time).
  6. Hearing that our triathletes bagged two golds and one silver in the SEA Games. So stoked and hopeful for the Philippine triathlon scene.
  7. Listening to Idina Menzel's songs over and over again. After her concert last Sunday, I had a serious hangover for about two days.
  8. Packing and leaving for Baguio with the family. We'll finally be complete (with the little one in tow) for this trip.
  9. Knowing that today is a holiday. Hooray for Philippine independence (and for the long weekend)!
  10. This is an old post, but it only came out in my newsfeed this week. Say hello to David Beckham and his on-point skillz.
Maligayang araw ng ating kalayaan, Pilipinas! Enjoy the long weekend!

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  1. lmfaooooo Cassie dog sounds super cute! Makes me miss having dogs, tho they never presented us with gifts (unless chewed up Merlaco bills are gifts)

    1. My other dog, a Golden named Buddy, once chewed up a P1000 bill. The funniest part was when he pooped it out, it was still... whole. HAHAHA!


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