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Friday's 10 Happy Things: Episode 1

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I got the idea from Helga's blog, and since Friday is always a happy day for me (cheers to the freakin' weekend!), I decided to post my first-ever installment of this series.

I present to you all: Episode 1 of my Friday's 10 Happy Things.

Ditz Revolution
  1. Finally ending the workweek. It was a pretty steady one (nothing too stressful, thankfully), and I've got a good team that runs like a well-oiled machine.
  2. Going to Subic over the weekend for a triathlon. I'm doing the swim leg of Regent 5150, an Olympic distance triathlon, with my teammates. Please say a prayer for me and for my team!
  3. Knowing that by racing, we'll be able to help someone. If you make a pledge for every kilometer of our race (ideally PhP 500 and up), all your support will go to Helping Hermanas, which is Poveda's cancer community. Details here!
  4. Being able to train and taper well. I'm usually concerned about overdoing it when it comes to training, or getting sick/injured before race day. None of that this week, however. Thank You, Lord!
  5. Harriette Thompson, a cancer survivor, racing a marathon — at the age of 92 years old! She is now my life's fitness peg.
  6. Seeing my seven-month-old nephew, Mateo. He's pretty much the highlight of everyone's week (at least in my family).
  7. Changing this blog's template/design, which has been long overdue. Thanks to my HTML-savvy friend for helping me fix a kink that I couldn't figure out! I've yet to add other stuff, though, but the basics are in place.
  8. Watching Idina Menzel's concert this Sunday. I love musicals, and she's the closest thing we in Manila have to Broadway for now, so I'm pretty stoked.
  9. Good food. Had lunch out with my teammates yesterday and we hit a grill buffet restaurant. I loaded up on sushi, sashimi, maki, and various dumplings (apart from grilling beef and bacon-wrapped asparagus). I went back three times and realized that I can live on rolls and dumplings.
  10. Aladdin x Lion King. This sing-off made my morning!
Are you having a happy Friday? Or was your week filled with (or at least peppered with) highlights worth writing about? Do tell!

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  1. hi! Just saw your blog today! Wow, you're a new triathlete! How did you get started? BTW I like your new blog template! So neat! ♥

    1. Hi, Dominique! Thanks for dropping by! :) I was a swimmer for years then stopped in college and when I started working. Then I got into mountain biking for about a year in 2011. A year later, I got into running, then rekindled my love affair with the water, then slowly transitioned to road biking. The rest is history! Are you considering getting into triathlons, too? :)

      And thank you for appreciating the design! Still thinking about how else to spruce it up. Haha!

  2. I was offered tickets to Idina but my boyfriend's Sunday evenings are never free SAD FACE.


    1. Hey, Helga! Aww, sad face along with you! :(

      And yes, I love the idea! Hope to do this as often as possible!


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