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An Open Letter to Globe Telecom

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Dear Globe Telecom,

My dad, after being a loyal subscriber since 2000, decided to get his first smartphone just recently. So last November 11, he asked me to help him renew his contract, which was under my mom's name, and avail of a Samsung Galaxy Note 4 (since, when it comes to my parents' techie concerns, I'm the one who usually facilitates them). It took more than a week to have his application processed and for the phone to be delivered because they mixed things up; they delivered his phone to someone else and had to source another unit from one of their stores.

I called last December 8 to follow up the activation of the new SIM. In the meantime, I found a way to cut his old SIM to fit into the micro SIM slot of his Galaxy. But basically, his old SIM could only call and text. Coming from an old school Nokia, it had no LTE or 3G capabilities.

By December 8, which was three weeks after the phone had been delivered (including the new SIM), the agent I spoke with admitted there was an error in the system: that it didn't recognize that my dad's plan had already migrated to a new SIM. Said agent promised me that he would expedite the migration to the new SIM within 24-48 hours and that someone would give me a call (I left my number) to update me regarding the status.

48 hours came and went with no such "migration" and no such call. This morning, I called once again to ask what was the status. According to this agent I spoke with, they never processed the migration because they needed to speak with the account owner, who is my mom.

So, let me summarize:

  • From mid-November 'til December 8, the migration to my dad's new SIM never took place because of a system error, and no one bothered to check nor inform my mom (the account owner).
  • From December 8 to December 10, they were supposed to facilitate the migration to the new SIM and give me a call, which they didn't do. 
  • Today, December 12, I found out that the reason for not facilitating this migration to the new SIM was because they first needed to get my mom's permission as the account owner. Which was something they could have told me as early as December 8, or even sometime during that long period of "inactivity" between mid-November and December 8. As of this writing, the SIM migration is still being processed and it might take another "24-48 hours" to do.

Needless to say, my dad has been paying for a data plan since the new SIM arrived almost a month ago, which he has not been able to make use of. In the meantime, he's still using his old SIM (which I just cut so he could use of the phone to at least call and text).

I don't normally post/write "open letters" like this, because I don't even know if they will reach those who need to be reached. But in this case, I'm hoping that this does go somewhere.

I just feel bad because, at the end of it all, my dad, who doesn't fully understand all these technicalities, just wants to maximize the use of his first-ever smartphone. Who'd have ever thought it would take this long just to activate a new SIM?

Please get it together, especially for the sake of long-time customers.

Thank you.

/endopenletter /endrant

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  1. Hay naku Tins! Your dad and I have been subscribers for the same amount of time. Since 2000 din ako. I was asking Globe kung may rewards ba kayo for loyal long time customers like say a free iphone6 or kung ano mang smart phone. Aba wala daw kasi discounted na daw the units. Sheesh ano ba naman yung bigyan kang libreng unit diba? Magkano na din kinita nila sa monthly fee ko since year 2000. Very poor customer service globe!!!

  2. I did that for my dad a year ago too when he got his iphone 5s. Glorieta was slow and cumbersome. Rockwell by far has the best service. Also if you want to switch sim cards, just go to the service counter and ask for a new sim with the same number. If its the account is under your mom's name, bring a authorization letter and an original ID. They'll switch it in 5 minutes.

  3. @ Kitty: Oo nga eh. Walang bearing yung "tenure" natin with Globe. Standardized ang prices nila for what they offer in terms of recontracting units. :(

  4. @ Aaron: I know better now. Going through their hotline SUCKS big time. Better to go through a store itself. Thanks!


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