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2015 Wishlist

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It's been one incredibly draining week, so I've taken to serious daydreaming. Please indulge me; I guess I just can't wait to go on my annual Christmas break, and I feel like I'm just crawling towards a hypothetical finish line.

Anyway, moving on to happy things!

2014 has been a great year; it's probably one of my favorite years, as far as blessings go. I definitely have no idea what 2015 holds, but I look forward to it.

With that, here are the things I hope to achieve/do/get in the coming year — all related to my hobbies (these don't include the things I actually need, of course).

1) A new wheelset

I highly doubt that I'll be able to afford a carbon wheelset (those things sometimes cost as much as an assembled bike!), but I definitely recognize the need for better ones; something lighter, something sturdier, something that hopefully absorbs more "shock" than my current basic wheelset. I don't honestly foresee myself participating in long distance triathlons because I literally don't have enough time to train for those, but I do want to continue joining what I can. Hopefully with a new wheelset, I'll be able to perform better in the bike leg.

2) A trip to Japan

So many people I know have been to Japan, and this year, there has definitely been an influx of travelers bound for different cities in Japan. Being a fan of most things Japanese, I definitely have to tick off one of the major items in my "must-travel-to" list. Things I'm excited for: ramen, more ramen, cherry blossoms, the Harry Potter attraction in Universal Studios, possibly a bike tour, the cold weather and to be able to dress up for it, all the gorgeous things my camera will go crazy over, and the Ramen Museum. Yes, I do love my ramen.

3) My first long distance open water race

As mentioned in a past post, I'm now a member of a triathlon team. One of the things I signed up for, together with my relay team, will be an Olympic distance triathlon event next July. I'll be doing the swim leg of it (with two other teammates doing the bike and run legs). It'll be my first time to race in open water, after swimming in so many pools all over the metro in my past life as a competitive swimmer, and I've never raced a distance of 1.5 kilometers yet. Although I usually train double that distance, I know it'll entail a different kind of preparation for swimming in an actual body of water. Let's see how that goes.

4) A new dog

Because who doesn't want a new one? (Don't answer that.) I still don't know what kind of dog I'd like to get; I just know that I want Cassie and Buddy to have a third member in their pack. I'm also thinking of getting maybe a small one this time around. One that's easily "transportable" and could possibly even stay in our bungalow-style home without causing destruction. Assuming we actually add another member to our family, I'd like to do everything right this time: set boundaries a la Cesar Milan.

5) Go on more beach trips

For a supposed beach lover like myself, 2014 has been one big flop. I don't even know if I want to keep this beachy blog theme, given that the last time I was at the beach was back in April, and for a company overnighter to boot. I wish I had more time and more opportunities to hit the beach with family or friends this year, but unfortunately, that wasn't the case. I hope that 2015 gives me more chances to hit the beach, whether a 3-hour drive away, or by plane, because there are so many that I've yet to see. This country is rich in terms of beautiful beaches, and before I set foot in beaches abroad (i.e. Bali), I have to make sure I explore the ones in my home turf first.

6) Learn even more about cooking

I never ever thought I would write this. If you look at my blog entries last year and the years before, you would know how much I detested the thought of being in the kitchen. This year, however, was a big step in flipping that mindset on its head. I've come to thoroughly enjoy cooking and experimenting. I've prepared several Asian dishes (Thai, Indian, Indonesian), as well as some Italian dishes, but there are so many others to learn. I've also yet to try baking, and my baking goals are quite ambitious. One thing I really want to learn in the near future is the art of souffl√©-making, and I hope I get to fulfill this in the near future.

2015 is already shaping up to be a great year: two of my best friends will be tying the knot, awesome movies are in the works, lots of races to join, opportunities for career growth, ministry-related endeavors, my nephew will soon be in that cute stage of being able to interact with people (i.e. laugh at/with us), and so on. But before the year ends, I ought to make a wrap-up kind of entry; just to remember and be grateful for the year that was.

Enjoy the Holidays, dear reader! I hope that things are slowing down for you so you can savor everything about the season: the lights, the nip in the air, the Christmas carols playing in the malls, time with family and loved ones, time to reflect on and give thanks for how you've been blessed this past year.

And if you're reading this before Typhoon Ruby approaches the country, please say a pray for the areas that could possibly be affected. May God be with and protect us all.

P.S. All photos taken from Google Images. No copyright infringement intended.

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  1. Get a french bulldog. Haha! I dunno, I just find them cute all of a sudden. Thanks to who's just adorable.

  2. Hi, Rose! I follow a lot of doggie accounts on Instagram as well! Haha! Thanks for your suggestion. :D


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