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You'll Never Know Until You TRI

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If you're a follower of my social media accounts, you'd probably know that 75% of my posts these days are related to sports in some way. This is because I've been taking my triathlon training up by several notches — and I now have future triathlon-related plans, too!

(Apologies to my family members and friends who aren't into sports; just give me 'til the end of November and I'll try to add more variety to my posts!)

Here are some updates in the different areas of my training (also jotting these down for souvenir's sake; after all, there will never be another "first triathlon" experience):


My favorite pair of red TYR goggles broke a few months ago, and I made do with the two other pairs I had at home. Unfortunately, those were pretty old (at least a year old) and would fog up easily. So I decided to get a new pair and now I'm a proud owner of these new Speedos with mirrored lenses.

I've been swimming at least 2K per workout and I hope to climb back up to 3K workouts soon.


Perhaps the biggest change in this department has been the fact that I decided to bite the bullet and go for cycling shoes with cleats.

For those who may not be familiar with cycling shoes, basically they come with cleats (see photo) that you clip on to certain types of pedals (see photo). The purpose for using these shoes is to make your pedaling more efficient; since your shoes are attached to your pedals, there's less effort you need to exert to pedal upwards, for example.

The thing with using these kinds of shoes, though, is that it takes some getting used to. More often than not, people who transition to these types of shoes forget that they're wearing them in the beginning — which leads to falling down with one's bike a couple of times. So far, though, I haven't fallen yet. (And I'm praying I never will!)

I've felt the difference now that I have these shoes, and it helps that I have friends to get excited with.


Who would have ever thought that I'd reach this milestone, but just the other day, I did!

My trusty Nike+ app had registered that I reached 1,000 kilometers (as of this morning, though, 1,007). Coming from someone who once hated running and still suffers from asthma and plantar fasciitis, this is a pretty big accomplishment. All by God's grace, really.

I also decided to change all the laces in the four pairs of running shoes that I alternate (I know, I'm a shoeholic). Now they all have some form of lock laces, which will help in shaving off precious seconds during the transition from bike to run.


First off, I'm now part of a triathlon team. Along with a few other hermanas (Spanish for "sisters"), I'm a member of the Poveda Tri Team; we're all alumnae from different batches of our high school.

While I'll be racing solo this November for Tri United 4 (meaning, I'll be doing all three legs: swim, bike, run), I was recruited by two of my batchmates so we can form a relay team for next year's events; Elaine will take care of the bike leg, Mariel for the run leg, and yours truly will do the swim leg.

As a relay team, we've already signed up for our first relay event next year in July: a 5150 event, which is an Olympic distance one. It'll be my first time to race that distance (1.5 kilometers) in open water, at that. Elaine's pretty worried about the inclines (Subic, the venue for this triathlon, has a number of roads that go up and down), but I think she'll pull it off without a glitch. Mariel will, by that time, have completed her first marathon so I'm sure that when she runs for our team, it'll be a cinch.

I've yet to train with the rest of the team as our schedules (mostly mine, unfortunately) don't match most of the time. But I'm looking forward to it, and learning from those with much more experience.


Recently, my home church, CCF Eastwood, felt God's calling to form a new ministry. Since He wants us to be fit for Him (1 Corinthians 9:27), we came up with FitSquad!

We meet every Thursday at 7 in the evening in the new CCF Center and so far, so good, by His grace. Members from other CCF churches have also been attending and of course we're more than happy to have anyone join us. 

We usually kick things off with a devotional, followed by a sweatfest. Most of the workouts have been bootcamp-style and it's been fun (at least for someone like me). I don't get to utilize every single muscle in my body so it's been good to incorporate strengthening workouts into my weekly regimen.

My youngest brother, CJ, has also been working out religiously in his own way these past few months. He does what he calls "playground workouts" and prefers being able to lift his body instead of lifting weights and other similar equipment. My Sunday evenings are now usually spent with him helping me out in my different weak areas (which usually means core workouts, which I'm not really a fan of).

So much work for what seems to be just a short distance triathlon, but I have to work on my endurance to withstand three different sports in succession. I think, oddly enough, that my weakest sport will now be cycling since I'm not too good with inclines just yet. Also, my bike will have to compete against the lighter, more high-end bikes of other competitors; I'll just have to give it a go with every single push on the pedal. Truly, one never really does realize what he/she is capable of until he/she TRI's (pun intended).

I have roughly 6 weeks left 'til my first triathlon (and probably my last race of any kind this year, unless I scratch another race itch), and I'm still a bundle of nerves and excitement!

But I'm also looking forward to next year's race calendar. I've already registered for my first race for 2015, which is the Condura Skyway Marathon in February. I hope to join more aquathlons, sprint triathlons, then of course, do the swim leg for Regent 5150 in the coming year.

Thanks for reading, if you reached the end of this post (you deserve a medal if you did!). Have an awesome weekend ahead!

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