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10-Day Challenge: 9 Loves

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To continue my #10DayChallenge streak, here's my list of 9 Loves!

(Not necessarily in order, of course.)

1) Cheese

My obsession with cheese knows no bounds. I'm at this point where, when I taste a dish, I try to determine what kind of cheese I'm eating. Some of my favorites include manchego, gruyère, parmigiano reggano, and grana padano. I eat and enjoy all kinds of cheese, though.

Photo from here.

2) Puppies

Need I explain further? Awkwardly huge paws, little high-pitched sounds, clumsy movements, noses you want to bite off, beady eyes, I can go on and on.

Photo from here.

3) Traveling

I love being able to discover new places, try new cuisines, understand different cultures, photograph new sights. I just wish I had all the time in the world (and the money to burn) to keep on traveling.

Photo from here.

4) Staying In

As you may or may not know, I can be a complete homebody. This could be related to my not-so-hidden introversion, but some weekends, I really prefer to be a total vegetable at home. I'm quite a professional when it comes to keeping myself busy in bed. Books, movies, the Internet, and food (plus stepping out to do some workouts) are more than enough to recharge my internal and social batteries.

Photo from here.

5) Working Out

On the flipside, I'm also a total adrenaline and endorphin junkie. I love being able to use and abuse my muscles, see improvements in terms of speed, endurance, and distance, and try as many sports or activities as possible.

Photo taken last April in the first leg of the Splash n' Dash Aquathlon.

6) The Beach

Your toes gathering sand, the ebb and flow of clear waters, the crashing of waves, the sun's rays warming you up, a cool drink in your hand, what could be more perfect?

Photo taken last summer at Laiya, Batangas. Colors were slightly tweaked.

7) Reading and Writing

I've always been a word nerd, and I happen to write for a living. I love how reading can take me to different places; I love how writing allows me to release all of my thoughts and emotions. Some of my modern day heroes are my favorite writers.

Photo from here.

8) My Loved Ones

I'm referring not just to the six people in my family (and the seventh one, my nephew, who will be born in the next few weeks, Lord willing); this also includes my relatives and closest friends. I'm blessed to have family members whose company I genuinely enjoy. I can hang out with them all day and never get bored. Also, I have only a handful of friends who understand me, accept my countless quirks, and can be trusted. I've known many of them since we were kids, and to have the kind of friendships that have withstood the test of time and distance means they're definitely worth keeping.

Photo from here.

9) My Faith

I grew up in a Christian home but only really understood what it meant to be saved on a personal level when I was a sophomore in college. I've seen God's work not just in my life but in countless other lives. I love how I'm able to draw strength from His Word, encouragement from my family and siblings-in-the-faith, and how I've been used by Him despite all of my imperfections and weaknesses. Getting to know and love the Lord is an indescribable adventure, and even when it's not always smooth sailing, you know that it will be totally worth it.

Photo from here.

I guess this is it for now. In the meantime, my Day 1 entry can be found here.

Stay tuned for Day 3, which is all about my fears. Yikes!

P.S. Most of the photos in this entry were taken from Google solely for illustration purposes (with links attached). No copyright infringement intended.

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