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10-Day Challenge: 8 Fears

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I guess I'll be talking about all sorts of fears — from the trivial to the somewhat personal. But hey, that's what this challenge is for, right?

So, bring it on, Day 3!

My fears are as follows:

1) Heights

Strangely, when I was much younger, I didn't have this problem. I think I first noticed that I had acrophobia when I was around 10 or 11. I was on the 7th floor of one of the malls here in Manila and I felt queasy when I looked down. Ever since then, I haven't been a fan of being high up there. So, nope, don't count on me to bungee jump or sky dive.

2) Frogs

I discussed this fear of mine briefly in this entry. Check it out!

3) Cockroaches

To be specific, flying cockroaches. I can't stand them. The sight of a roach crawling on walls and ceilings freaks me out. I can't stand to be in the same room as one of them for fear that it might fly around and land on me!

4) Being Severely Injured

Because I need to be physically capable of doing the things I love, such as working out/competing, traveling, photography, etc. Kind of sounds like a shallow excuse, but it's true!

5) Succumbing to a Terminal Illness

I know I'm supposed to trust in God for everything, but I'm only human. I admit that I fear being sick and not recovering from it. (Just putting this out there.)

6) Crashing While In Flight

I think it doesn't help that there have already been four (!) major aviation disasters this year alone, but the thought of dying from an airplane crash freaks me out. Mainly because of how it will affect my family (if they'll even miss me; just kidding).

7) Being Bankrupt

This wouldn't be fun at all. I would love to be financially stable enough in the near future to support myself and my family members (whether or not I get married) plus my numerous interests.

8) Losing My Loved Ones

As mentioned in this post, I have a hard time saying goodbye. I'm terrible at it. I don't know how I'll be able to survive the loss of any of my loved ones.

(Of course I should also include the fear of the Lord. But I fear Him in a loving, respectful, reverent way; not in a God-will-strike-me-with-lightning-bolts-if-I-do-something-wrong sort of way.)

Are you still following my #10DayChallenge posts? If so, thanks for sticking around!

If this is your first time to chance upon any of my #10DayChallenge entries, stay tuned for my Day 4 post on 7 Wants!

P.S. All doodles in this post are c/o me.

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