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10-Day Challenge: 10 Secrets

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Came across this challenge several times in a number of blogs, and since I don't know what to blog about (at least right now), I decided to go for this.

Without further ado, I present the #10DayChallenge below.

For today's topic, we will cover 10 Secrets. Which, I feel, is anticlimactic because secrets are supposed to be kept. Otherwise, they're no longer secrets. (No kidding, Sherlock...)

Anyway, I will just reveal what I feel are safe enough to reveal.

1) I don't know what beer tastes like.

I'm not much of a drinker. It's not [just] because Christianity tells us to avoid drunkenness; I just don't enjoy the taste of alcohol and the surreal feeling one gets from a hangover.

Now, I've tried my share of drinks but for some reason, beer never appealed to me. The smell alone repulses me; what more how it tastes? For this reason, I prefer to avoid it altogether.

2) I've never smoked a cigarette. Nor done drugs.

For these, I can safely say that they are not just Christian convictions, but personal convictions of mine. Why would I harm my body and alter anything unnecessarily? Plus, I have asthma. No, thank you.

3) Sometimes I don't get to wash my face at night.

I know, this is terrible. Especially on days when I apply eye makeup. But when my head hits the pillow, I can fall asleep within seconds. So instead of being able to wash up, my subconsious has already gone to La La Land.

4) I don't like going to clubs because I'm such an awkward dancer.

My sister dances extremely well (has been a dancer since she was five years old), whereas I move with the grace and coordination of a toothpick. When I'm asked to dance at parties or in clubs (not that I frequent them, by the way), I use my camera as my defense mechanism. I'd rather take pictures of people dancing or having fun because I really don't know how to move. Could I just take my arms and legs and do laps in the pool?

5) I have lived in 8 houses.

From my paternal grandparents' house, to the first tiny unit my parents got when they were newlyweds and had me, to my maternal grandmother's three-house complex with relatives, to two townhouses, to an apartment unit, to this current house... it's been an interesting ride. Needless to say, I'm pretty much an expert packer and mover. So when the time comes for me to move out, I know how to design, fix up, and move things around.

6) My thumbs are double jointed. 

Actually, I've always been rather flexible. I took gymnastics for several years and if I warmed up and stretched religiously, I'd probably be able to do a split and backbends again.

See the photo below, though. Yeah, even I find this weird.

7) One of my two front teeth is dead.

For my 13th birthday, I wanted to go ice skating with my best friends. Being the silly girls that we were, we decided to hold hands and skate together. One of them tripped, and it was a domino effect. 

Unfortunately, the birthday girl landed face first and my mouth was a mess. It took four Saturdays of root canal procedures to fix my mouth. To this day, though, the right front teeth gets discolored every few years. I have to come back every now and then to have a coloring procedure done so it matches the rest of my teeth. Speaking of which, that tooth is due for another coloring "session", if you will.

8) I have separation anxiety issues whenever I reach the end of a good book (or a TV show).

I get so caught up with the characters that I hate having to say goodbye to them. I feel like I've invested time, energy, and so many emotions that when it's time to put down the book (or certain TV shows are canceled), I have a hard time dealing with the "loss".

Come to think of it, this stems from a deeper "issue". I'm terrible at goodbyes of any kind. I hate leaving and being left behind. I hate change. #deep

9) I only started cooking this year.

I've been alive for over three decades and, in January of this year, I finally decided to take the plunge and figure out what it actually means to dice, to sauté, etc. Prior to this year, however, I had countless excuses for not wanting to learn how to cook: I was too lazy, too impatient, I didn't want to be compared to my mom (who cooks and bakes really well), etc., etc. Fast forward to today and I find myself excited to try new recipes all the time. Whodduthunk, seriously?

(A sub-secret related to this: I'd been feeling rather embarrassed after having watched so many seasons of MasterChef US, MasterChef Canada, MasterChef Australia, MasterChef Junior USA, and Junior MasterChef Australia. If kids and homecooks can put up amazing food, then so can a helpless case like yours truly, right?)

10) I was a thumb sucker for a much longer time than what's considered cute or acceptable.

Don't ask the exact age (all I can tell you, though, is that sometime before I entered my teen years, I finally outgrew this nasty habit) but all sorts of things were employed to get me to stop sucking my thumb. This included dipping my thumb in hot sauce, rubbing it in crushed garlic or crushed peppers, wearing gloves to bed, etc. 

I hope, though, that with all of these "secrets", you'll still find it in your hearts to respect me for the person I am. Cue manic laughter.

'Til the next post!

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  1. Here's something about leaving and getting left behind:

    In case the link doesn't work, Google: The Gaslight Anthem, "Great Expectations."

    Enjoy :)

  2. Thanks for the link and for dropping by!


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