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Release Your Inner Sherlock

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Have you ever wondered, while watching crime or detective shows, if you could pull off what the investigators do?

Or were there instances wherein you thought to yourself, while playing mystery games, that you could totally get yourself out of sticky situations in real life?

Maybe now's the time to try it out for yourself — for real.

Thanks to my brother who got us all riled up (and thanks to the amazing people behind Outbreak Manila, a.k.a. the ones who put up the much-talked-about zombie runs), we siblings had a chance to get ourselves out of prison last Sunday. And when I say "prison", I do mean that we were really inside a jail cell.

Breakout Philippines, established as "The First Real Life Escape Room Game", allows groups of people to either: a) break out of prison (Prison Room, which was what we did); b) clear out before a zombie invasion (Outbreak Manila); or c) get out of a haunted hotel (Room 13; this is their newest theme).

You can choose which theme you and your friends want to sign up for (and part of strategizing is deciding on the number of members in your team) and choose your time slot indicated in their website. But common to each theme is the fact that everyone has to get out of there within 45 minutes.

I can't reveal what the clues were or what one should initially look out for. That would be too easy and would defeat the purpose of signing up for this experience!

Let me just say this: within the first few seconds, you'll already feel your heart pounding, and it's disconcerting (and kind of overwhelming) to figure out where to begin. But once you get the hang of it, things will start to make sense soon enough.

Also, everything you'll need to know will be given to you; there will be a proper briefing before the timer starts running and you'll also have access to certain "tools" (won't say what these are) that you'll need in order to figure out the clues.

Thankfully, my team (dubbed right then and there as #TeamAraFamBam) managed to finish the Prison Room challenge in under 45 minutes — with four minutes and twenty seconds to spare, might I mention? That was way too close for comfort.

But we had a proud moment when we were informed that, at the time, we were only the 14th team out of 852 that made it. Thank You, Lord!

We're now part of their Living Legends board!

Did I mention that we had a blast? Long after having dinner, I couldn't settle down for the night! My veins were still pumping, thanks to a post-OMGWEACTUALLYMADEITOUT high.

Are you up for a different kind of adrenaline rush? Gather your friends or family members and sign up now!

(In the meantime, I'm more than ready to try the two other rooms. Who wants to come?)

Breakout Philippines
G/F Paragon Plaza,
Reliance St., cor. EDSA,
Mandaluyong City, Metro Manila

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