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Most dog lovers/owners would have heard of Cesar Millan by now (and would get why this entry is entitled the way it is). In fact, I'd totally judge you if you haven't yet.

(Kidding; fine, half-kidding.)

Seriously, though, when it comes to dog behavior, Cesar Millan, a.k.a. The Dog Whisperer, is probably the most famous name one would ever come across — mostly because the things he's taught people through the years are actually very simple, if you learn to see things from a dog's point of view.

Naysayers aside, his methods seem to work really well, and I've always enjoyed watching him on the National Geographic channel and on YouTube.

For example, check out these hyperactive Golden Retrievers. This episode (broken up into two videos) is close to my heart because my Golden, Buddy, is pretty much as hyper as these two are:

Then when I first learned that Cesar Millan would be gracing Manila's shores, I nearly hyperventilated out of excitement.

Fortunately, thanks to the generosity of our friends in Ovation Productions (and BusinessWorld), a bunch of us was able to watch his show, which happened just last night. And it was an awesome experience!

My youngest brother CJ, my best friend Mitch, and my sister Cooks.

Hello, siblings.

When Cesar finally appeared onstage, everyone started cheering and screaming.

He eventually got rid of the jacket (it was a really warm evening!) to show off his new basketball jersey. LOL.

Bringing out the first demo dog: a four-month-old puppy. From birth 'til their 180th day (or 6th month) on earth, we have a chance to make puppies stable and submissive dogs. He also demonstrated how dogs respond by smell way before by sight or by hearing. So, when introducing yourself to a dog (especially a puppy you're planning to take home for the first time), don't give them something to look at or hear first, a.k.a. your squeals or excitement. Calmly approach them and introduce yourself by letting them smell you.

The audience loved it everytime Cesar would crack a joke — especially when he mimicked the sounds of dogs or how excitable we humans can be in the eyes of a dog.

This Cocker Spaniel, upon seeing a bowl of dog food, would immediately rush towards it. In other words, he normally wouldn't wait for his human to give it to him. Meanwhile, Cesar, within less than 30 seconds, managed to create space between himself and the dog. Notice how the dog didn't rush towards the food. Instead, he waited for Cesar to give it to him. APPLAUSE.

This Beagle had a problem with not being able to release his toy once it's in his mouth. The owner admitted to getting bitten several times while trying to take the toy out of the Beagle's mouth. Cesar then demonstrated how the owner's nervous energy caused the dog to think less of him, therefore, refusing to give up the toy. Cesar explained that dogs don't respect unstable (a.k.a. negative energy) pack leaders. So with his calm-assertive state, Cesar got the chew toy from the Beagle without problems.

Cesar wanted to end with how dogs have the ability to touch our lives in a way that no other animal can. At this point, he asked to bring out Kabang, the Hero Dog! After reading her story/ies these last two or three years, I was thrilled to finally "meet" her! (If you want to read up on her, check out her Wikipedia entry).

Cesar thanking the crowd for our usual Filipino hospitality, saying that he'd love to come back someday. (Hopefully this does happen!)

A rockstar being appreciated by the audience.

I didn't know that there was an autograph-signing segment after the show. Otherwise, I would have brought something for him to sign!

With my forever sidekick in dog raising/dog rearing. We've gone to a number of dog-related events together — from dog shows to dog training sessions to doggie playdates and doggie parties — as she is as much a "dog person" as I am. Glad that she could make it, despite this being a super last-minute thing!

For dog lovers all over the world, make sure to catch Cesar Millan's live shows if he has one near or in your area. I consider this to be one of those once-in-a-lifetime things that you really can't miss!

¡Muchas gracias, SeƱor Millan! Looking forward to your new show, Cesar to the Rescue.

P.S. Should you decide to use any of my photos for whatever purposes, I would really appreciate it if you got in touch with me first. Thank you very much!

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