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Dear Baby,

Your mom and dad first told me about you the weekend before my birthday this year. Your dad even said, "This is our gift to you."

You know what my initial reaction was? Pure excitement! I couldn't help myself from running towards your dad and mom to give them a big hug. Honestly, none of us expected you to — well — happen so soon. But now that you're here, growing safely inside your mom's tummy, we're over the moon with joy!

Future niece or nephew, we'll find out your gender in three or four months. But that doesn't even really matter. We'll love you no matter what.

Actually, we haven't even met you and we're already overflowing with love for you.

I can't wait to watch as your mom and dad evolve from sister/brother and daughter/son to their new roles as parents. I know they've learned from the best (your grandparents!) and that they'll do an amazing job of raising you and, Lord willing, your future sibling/s.

I can't wait to see you roll over, crawl, take your first step, and say your first word — hopefully, I'll be there for those milestones.

I can't wait to take countless pictures of you (but I'll restrain myself from saturating social media with your pics, lest your mom or dad kill me).

I can't wait to be there for your future swimming competitions (hopefully you'll learn to love the water just like me), ballet recitals, basketball games, gymnastics meets, piano recitals, taekwondo promotions, or whatever it is you'll end up doing.

I can't wait to attend your honors awarding ceremonies (knowing your mom, she'll want you to be on the honor roll) and graduations. If you end up being home-schooled for the first few years of your academic life, I can't wait to be your Art, Reading, Language, or PE teacher. Just don't ask me about Math, okay?

At the end of it all, I can't wait to be a part of your life.

You're the first in both your mommy's and daddy's huge families, and we're more than ready to smother you with all the love and attention in the world. You'll have the best time with your many titos and titas, and your cool lolos and lolas, I promise!

I pray that you'll grow properly in the womb, that you won't give your mommy a hard time when it's your day to come out into the world, and that most importantly, you'll grow up to love Jesus. Just like your mom and dad.

Future niece or nephew, I can't wait to meet you someday!

See you soon (but not too soon, please!),
Tita Tin

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