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For the last two years, maybe, I've been wanting a road bike. Because, well, it would definitely help me a lot in my quest to join a triathlon (hopefully a sprint one later this year).

And through the help of my family, I was finally able to purchase one two days ago. *confetti*

My "bike fund" from the family last Christmas.

I was able to find a bike that: (1) fit my budget; (2) had decent specs given my not-high-end-at-all budget; and, (3) on a very shallow level, was in the color scheme that I wanted. Thank You, Lord!

Lo and behold, meet my Orbea Aqua! (This was taken while the bike was being assembled and the seat post hadn't been adjusted just yet.)

Black, white, and red. You all know how much I love the color red.

Talk about ticking off all those items in my wish list!

My five-year-old mountain bike, a Merida Kalahari K6, must have felt out of place after I brought home my Orbea. But I have zero plans of getting rid of my MTB. They have two different uses and I will need them both for sure.

While taking this photo, I realized that I'd forgotten to remove the race number on my MTB. It's been there since the last event I joined in November.

I'm still in the process of learning more about my new bike (and road bikes in general). And I already have a list of things to add to make this bike more tri-friendly, i.e. aero bars and clipless pedals, for starters.

Speaking of clipless pedals, I'm honestly scared to transition to those (which is why you may notice that I still have toe straps attached to its pedals). How does one begin transitioning to them without seriously hurting himself/herself? Knowing how klutzy I am, I'm bound to walk home with banged up knees and shins. If you have tips for a beginner like me, that would be really helpful!

For now, though, it's time to enjoy what I have. A Saturday morning workout is in order.

Have a great weekend, everyone!

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