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Six to Seven

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And so, this happened over the weekend.

In front of family and friends, my brother, Chuck, and my new sister, Anna, testified of God's faithfulness in their lives, honored their parents (warning: I have several ugly cry face pictures that the wedding photographers have yet to release — eek! have already released), and sealed their lifelong commitments towards each other.

Our family's just so happy for our beloved Chuck!

Sharing with you all some pictures from my camera. Yes, I still brought a camera to my own brother's wedding, even if I was part of the entourage (and even if I knew that the official photographers' pictures would be a thousand times nicer). I just couldn't stand not being able to click and have my own pictures!

Anna got my sister, Cooky, and me to be her bridesmaids, and our cousin, Bea, to be the veil sponsor. 

We had such a fun photoshoot.

Call me biased, because I know every bride is beautiful on her special day, but my new sister Anna has got to be one of the most beautiful brides I've ever seen.

Our family of six is now seven.

Now, Chuck also has a new family to love and grow with.

I'm just so blessed to have witnessed and been part of one of the most touching, heartwarming, God-honoring, and family-oriented weddings ever.

Photo by Camille Garcia.

And, man, did we have a blast celebrating after. It felt like one big family production — with dancing and singing galore! — that bonded both sets of families plus the whole entourage over these past few months.

Entourage dance choreographed by my sister, Cooky.
Photo by Camille Garcia.

My sister and I singing with Anna's sisters and brothers-in-law. (Note that none of us actually sings, but hey, who cares, right?)

And because my brothers are both musically inclined (Chuck has been singing all his life and CJ is one heck of a guitarist), they performed a surprise number for the guests.

On a side note, I'm so blessed that Chuck and Anna involved me a lot these past few months with the wedding planning. Since they wanted the wedding to revolve around Charlie Brown and the Peanuts Gang (more on this in a bit), I was able to stretch my dormant drawing and design muscles.

This was taken a day before the wedding. Since we needed a beverage stand, I thought of having a drinks stand constructed and to mount a giant Lucy behind it (in keeping with her psychiatry booth "equity"). Here was the work-in-progress.

And here are some of the Peanuts touches that I designed and constructed for the wedding. The reason they wanted touches of this is because I actually named Chuck after Charlie Brown when he was born, and because the Peanuts Gang bonded the couple these last few years through the comic books, the actual cartoons, book collections, and visiting the Charlie Brown Caf├ęs in HK, Korea, and Singapore.

Please excuse my excitement in posting the following. I don't get a lot of opportunities to do actual design work (because I write for a living, visual-related things were MIA from my life the last few years until this wedding happened), so doing all of these was a welcome break for me.

Pictured are the foot-tall Woodstock that I placed on top of the bird cage in the Infinity Garden (where the ceremony was), the "thank you" card for the guests, a 4-foot-tall Lucy behind the drinks stand, and one of the 4-foot-tall directional signs. Photos by Kai Cruz, which I just made into a collage. Thank you for letting me grab them!

Also got to make different kinds of cards (for the tables and for the gift packs), plus the table numbers that were attached to pinecones. Photos by Sush Narciso.
Made my first-ever photobooth template as well for the photobooth supplier, Ichtus.

Super last minute were the cards for the entourage's bouquets and the neckties for all the men (which weren't photographed). Photo by Chestknots Studios.

Special thanks to Thirty One Events for making everything come to life! I don't have photos of the garden set-up for the ceremony, nor the ballroom set-up for the reception, but everything was beyond gorgeous.

And to surprise the couple during the reception, I also created a video of their love story, rendered a la Peanuts in stop motion. I did this while the couple was away for a trip 'cause I needed quite some time to board up the story, figure out the sequences, draw and collect the elements, and cut them up.

This was what was shown during the reception.

Thank you, Chuck and Ans, for letting me be part of the months and days leading up to your big day, and for allowing me to have a role on the day of your wedding as well. Can't put into words just how blessed I am to have witnessed your story unfold through the years, and to see how you've honored God and blessed so many people because of it.

For the nth time, congratulations! I love you both! 

P.S. Because they deserve to be mentioned for going out of their way to make sure that our shoes didn't only look great but fit us perfectly, thank you as well to Sophisticat Shoes for the silver wedges that I had personalized for Cooky, Bea, Bea's mom, my mom, and myself.

P.P.S. Meanwhile, Anna's gorgeous bridal gown, the gray gowns of Anna's mom, my mom, and the maid of honor, the bearers outfits (ring, coin, and Bible) and the entourage's striking yellow dresses were all courtesy of the talented Andrea Tetangco of Coca Couture.


P.P.S.S. The wedding photos by Chestknots Studios are now up. Still incomplete (waiting for some of the photos from the march during the ceremony, the group shots after the ceremony, and the actual reception), but you can view the photos here if you're on Facebook.

P.P.P.S.S. Want a good laugh today? Watch the surprise performance the entourage (and, of course, the newlyweds) prepared for the guests during the reception!

 P.P.P.S.S. Here's the gorgeous same-day edit made by Notion in Motion. Thank you so much for capturing the emotions and beauty of this special day perfectly!

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  1. what a lovely wedding, tins! congrats to chuck and anna. finally, the year-long planning was worth all your efforts. ang galing naman ng Sophisticat for those customized shoes. i'll remember them if i have another friend who's getting married. hehe!

  2. Hi, Rose! Thanks so much! Indeed, it was all worth it... and then some. :)

    Yes, please remember Sophisticat Shoes! They're very accommodating and they follow the design you want right down to the smallest of details!

  3. wow enjoyed watching it ...

  4. Hi, anonymous!

    Thanks for dropping by and for watching!


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