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August Travel Diary: Singapore

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Two days after my Shanghai trip, I was back in the airport — this time, bound for Singapore laaaaaah!

I thought I was already fairly familiar with Singapore prior to this trip; I had been there several times before. But this would be my first time to really get a glimpse of how it would be like to live and work in Singapore.

Meet the cast of characters from the Philippines: yours truly, our Creative Director, and my Art Director partner. After landing at Changi International, we took the train all the way to our hotel. #WhatIWishWeCouldDoInThePhilippines

Check out their clean, empty trains. A far cry from... never mind.

People would whip out their smartphones, tablets, and even laptops without a care in the world.

The scenic walk to our hotel.

Near our hotel, an elderly man was feeding these guys.

When in Singapore, the first thing you must eat: Hainanese Chicken Rice. It's one of my favorite dishes; I must have eaten this four times from different places throughout my week-long stay in SG.

Singapore probably has the cleanest Chinatown in the world.

A temple near our hotel. Good thing we were just around 15-20 minutes away from Chinatown by foot.

This is Maxwell Food Centre, home of the famous Tian Tian Hainanese Chicken Rice stall. Anthony Bourdain is a huge fan.

We met up with some friends who now live and work there.

They introduced us to this: Ice Kachang. A cousin of our Halo-Halo, I would say.

I nearly hyperventilated when I saw this. Growing up, Tintin was a fixture in our family. Of course I went inside, grabbed a few items (the prices were cringe-worthy, though), and left before I could buy all the items in the store and file for bankruptcy.

Our Singaporean office, located in what used to be a Kindergarten school 15 minutes away from our hotel. This was where we spent most of our time.

Nights were mostly spent on Orchard Road, the shopping district. H&M says it all.

If you aren't careful, Orchard Road will dazzle you into spending every cent of your pocket money.

One evening, we chanced upon this food court in the middle of two malls on Orchard Road. I didn't even catch its name.

If only my tastebuds could sing, they would. This was one of the best things I got to eat while I was in Singapore: roast duck noodles. Glistening goodness! Too bad I really wasn't able to catch the name of that food court (in the picture before this one).

One evening was spent here on Clarke Quay: lots of restaurants, bars, and boutiques for shopping.

With all the eating that we did, I had to find a way to burn all 'em calories. I was able to do 1.5K swim workouts twice and run a quick 5K, thankfully.

Speaking of excessive eating, here are other noodle dishes that I ordered and loved: fried dumpling noodles from the food court across our Lowe office on Cantonment Road + beef ramen from Clarke Quay. Gotta love Asian food!

Supporting our kababayan, we ate here for lunch once. First world prices for a Filipino carinderia located in Tanjong Pagar.

Dinner and drinks on our second to the last night with the others who flew in for this project: from Indonesia, Thailand, and Vietnam. Plus, of course, our Singaporean colleagues.

Chinatown by night. Such a happening place! Too bad I wasn't able to have their famous Singapore Chili Crab; then again, I'm not a crustacean fan.

Another Singaporean must-have: the Milo Dinosaur milkshake. I always drink Milo (to this day, even), plus my favorite ice cream is still plain ol' chocolate, so this was the best treat ever.

Our Creative Director had to stay behind for a few more days to attend another meeting, so it was just the two girls who flew home ahead. This was a misadventure: we couldn't hail any cab that day, so we resorted to taking the train back to the airport (which actually takes longer); the train broke down twice (!) along the way, so we were majorly delayed; both our baggage check-in counter and departure gate were the farthest. Needless to say, we were pretty late, but we made it!

I'm glad I got to see other parts of Singapore (because as a tourist, the first things on your itinerary would usually be the museums, Sentosa Island, Universal Studios, the Singapore Zoo, and Jurong Bird Park). 

Now, I have a greater understanding of why more and more people choose to work in Singapore: it's clean and safe, everything's efficient, and since it's such a small place, it's easy to get around. 

However, the cost of living — compared to Philippine standards, at least — is significantly steeper. But I guess that's what's needed to maintain such a quality of life.

'Til the next trip, Singapore!

P.S. All photos are © me, using my point-and-shoot camera. Unfortunately, just like in the previous trip, I was too frazzled to think about bringing my DSLR, which I normally bring when I travel. If you're interested to use or link to any of these photos, kindly inform me. Thank you!

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  1. were these taken using your digicam pa rin? or did you bring your dslr na? hayyy, i wanna go to singapore as well and just do a food trip. haha!

  2. Yes, still just my digicam. Haha! That's why there's no depth of field. :D

    I think the only time I'll get to bring my DSLR would be for vacation!

    You'll love the food in SG! :)

  3. You know, seeing these photos makes me miss the years that I spent living and studying there. Great shots, and thanks for the nice little throwback!

  4. I totally get why you and so many others would move to Singapore now. :)

    Glad I was able to experience this again! Thanks for reading!

  5. Singapore is very neat and clean place. This is very secure for a traveler. One can enjoy his holidays by visiting Singapore. This place has plenty of cuisine and attraction to make your trip rememberable.

  6. Hi, Peter! I definitely agree with you. Hope to fly back there sometime soon!


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