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Serviving Introversion and Feeling Incompetent

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I promise. That's not a typo. I'll explain the reason behind the title in a bit.

A few months ago, I wrote a blog entry on shyness and introversion. I remembered it all of a sudden because of instances leading up to this weekend.

About a month ago, our church was encouraged to join an upcoming retreat called Servivor (hence this blog entry's title), which was targeted to current and would-be ministry workers. The purpose of the retreat was to challenge us to be more passionate, excited, driven, and efficient in our chosen ministries.

Since it had been a while since my last retreat, I signed up along with two of my siblings.

En route to Caliraya Recreation Center with Cooks (left) and CJ.

Shortly after registering, though, the EIC from our writing ministry asked if I could be one of the key speakers for writing: in particular, I was to talk about proofreading.

Wait, what?

First, I was already a bit overwhelmed knowing that this would be my first retreat with our new church (I say "new" loosely because my family and I serve now in one of the CCF satellite churches, not the main one). So my introverted self would have to summon all the socializing skills I had in me so I could be active and participate in the retreat.

Second, I wasn't sure if I was qualified. Yes, I do write for a living and I do proofread on a daily basis, but what if my "students" were even more qualified than I was? What right did I have to speak in front of them?

I was reminded of Moses, suddenly, when I started to think about this situation. Like me, Moses felt that he wasn't qualified to lead God's people out of Egypt. In Exodus 3:11 he says this: "Who am I that I should go to Pharaoh and bring the Israelites out of Egypt?"

God comforts Moses in the next verse by promising that He would be with Moses, even giving him a sign.

I had to remember that I wasn't doing this alone; that I would be SUPERpowered. Certainly not by my own skills or talents, but by God's.

So I said yes to speaking and surrendered all these initial qualms I had to Him.

By His grace, not only did my introversion tendencies fly out the window as I spoke. I was actually energized and I tried to engage the participants in the best way I knew: by being animated, cracking jokes, and making sound effects.

As if I were just presenting to my advertising clients.

Hopefully the writers were entertained (more importantly, that they actually learned something.)

Some of the writers from CCF Eastwood and CCF Makati.

My retreat BFF Thea doing one of the writing exercises I prepared.

I invented this exercise on the spot, but thank God that it worked out. The participants did a great job; I honestly couldn't have imagined a better outcome!

Our so-called "class picture". It was great to meet and work with these people! Would've loved to meet all the writers from CCF Eastwood and CCF Makati, but I hope the Lord gives us a chance to have more weekend skills training sessions in the near future.

Introversion? No match for God.

Apart from this, I had a great time meeting new siblings-in-Christ and, of course, learning a lot of things that will come in handy as I continue to work in ministry.

One of the many common talks all the participants attended. Then we would split up into our respective ministries' workshops.

Doing the "Servivor Challenge" with my team, The Purple Team.

Six challenges later, drenched to the bone, we won!

Apparently, we were college batchmates and had no idea of each other's existence back in the day. One Big Fight!

The "Servivors" of the different ministries from CCF Eastwood and CCF Makati. Blessed to have served, learned, and grown alongside you all!

It was a joy to see how God gave Cooks the gift of leadership and edification and CJ the gift of guitar-playing and musical direction. Excited for you both! Missing Chuck in this photo (and retreat), though.

Looking forward to seeing what God will do next! 

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