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Cheers, Cory/Finn

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In every love story set in high school, people fall for those that work because the characters are polar opposites of each other: the queen bee falls for the nerd; the jock falls for the goody-two-shoes; the daughter of a tycoon falls for the guy who works after school; the heir to a fortune falls for the girl who comes to class in hand-me-downs.

People fall for it because they'd like to believe, in that Hollywood-ized sort of way, that it's possible to fall in love and be loved the same way. That either the most aspirational person, or the most unassuming one, can be your soulmate.

Maybe this is why "Gleeks" everywhere, since Day One of Glee, rooted for Finn and Rachel.

He was the jock who was known by the whole school. She was the annoying perfectionist singer who seemed to have no friends.

But he was insecure about a lot of things. She complemented this with enough confidence in herself and in him.

He, with his boyish good looks and charm, protected her with his physique and strength. She, with her walls of perfectionism slowly breaking down, spoke for him when words failed him.

And when the couple split up towards the end of Season 3 (and stayed that way for most of Season 4), "Finchel" fans everywhere had broken hearts.

But not entirely. Because in real life, the actors who played these characters (Cory Monteith and Lea Michele) also fell in love.

He, who had a troubled past of drugs, rehab, and starting anew. She, who was an accomplished theater actor since her childhood days before joining Glee.

And people continued to root for "Monchele" (the real-life counterpart of "Finchel", courtesy of the Gleeks).

Fans of the show were excited for both couples: the on-screen pair who could still reconcile; the off-screen pair who had so much going for them. The future certainly looked bright.

Until July 13, 2013, when the world learned of Cory Monteith's sudden passing.

I don't even know why I felt compelled to write all of this, honestly. I don't know the guy, certainly, and after a while, I didn't watch the show as much as I used to in its earlier days.

But I genuinely felt terrible when I found out what happened. For one thing, Cory Monteith was my age. Even if I joke about how much of a grandmother I am, I know 31 is still too young for anyone to go.

Whether he died from drug overdose or not, it's a tragic death. He and Lea Michele were rumored to tie the knot in a few weeks; the show was supposed to start filming for Season 5 next week.

What's to come for Rachel Berry and Finn Hudson? Will there even be a Rachel Berry without her Finn Hudson?

And how about all the plans that Lea Michele and Cory Monteith had for and with each other?

While people are mourning the loss of a kindhearted soul, a good friend, and a great actor, they are also mourning the loss of one half of a whole. Because Rachel wouldn't be Rachel without Finn; just as Lea Michele became Lea Micehele more completely when Cory Monteith entered her world.

I can't imagine what Lea, Cory's family, and the cast and crew of Glee must be feeling right now. My heart goes out to them. But I'm pretty sure that Cory/Finn wouldn't want them to mourn, but to celebrate his life and accomplishments, awkward dance steps and all.

Rest in peace, Cory Monteith/Finn Hudson. Thanks for sharing your talents and passion with the rest of the world for the few years we saw you on-screen. You will be missed.

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