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Truth Thursday: I Leave Behind

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This is dedicated to all the people who feel different, wonder why they're different, and are trying to understand it.

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I always say that I've come to accept how different I am from most people.

Okay, maybe I'm not the most different person out there; there are still lots of people like me.

But as the Apple ad[vert] would have it, I do "think different."

Honestly, for the most part, I do think that the world is made up of rainbows and sunshines; that there can be Disney endings to real-life stories; that there shouldn't be a timeline for goals and life stages; that people shouldn't be boxed in.

While the rest of the world rides on a boat that follows a gentle stream, you'll find me in the water, swimming against the current.

Taken from here.

Sometimes, I have to admit that I'm not ready for, or even right for, what the world expects of me: as a person, at this life stage, with my rather off-beat introverted personality. However, it demands that I be this way, act this way, think this way, feel this way. Lest I be looked down on, talked about, speculated about.

Honestly, though, I'm happy being me. It has taken years — of wondering, questioning, discerning — to get to this point. God made me "me", quirks and all, for reasons I'm unsure of at the moment. For example, I'm nowhere near marriage yet, or complete financial stability, but in all sincerity, I'm fine. I'm fine with the thousands of dreams I have for myself and the adventures I want to embark on. And this isn't even the kind of "fine" that's uttered after a somewhat defeatist sigh. This is the kind of "fine" that's followed by a genuine ear-to-ear grin.

With this, I choose to leave behind expectations the world may have of me. I choose "me" and God's design of me. I choose to believe that, indeed, I am fearfully and wonderfully made (Psalm 139:14). I choose to know that someday, I'll fully understand why I think, act, and feel different.

So while the rest of the world sails downstream, I'll most likely still be swimming against the current. And hoping that along the way, the people who choose to be part of my world will come join me in the water.

Or at least toss a rope my way so that it'll be easier to swim against the current.

Besides, I figure, if everyone were the same, then we might as well be a planet of robots, right? It's the weirdos, the different ones, who keep this world interesting.

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  1. i remember you sharing this. but honestly, i get you. the "i'm fine" feeling. though i'm only at 75% success rate. Hahaha! we'll be most beautiful if we just become the person God designed us to be --- fearfully and wonderfully made! i'm so encouraged reading this! =)

  2. Hey, dear! Hello! Nice to hear from you over here. (Hmmm, ma-stalk nga ang 'yong blog.)

    75% success rate? It's just a matter of time before it'll become 100%! I have faith in that. :D


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