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Please Indulge Me

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I'm not a sweets person. With the exception of a few sweet cravings (M&M's being one of them), I would prefer a bag of chips any day. I can't relate whenever my sister or friends look for chocolate and gravitate towards Royce stalls in the malls.

Lately, though, I've had one particular sweet indulgence. And while I'm not exactly calorie counting (I just make sure to exercise every day, if possible), I consider this my "cheat treat".

I am talking about this thing of beauty, ladies and gentlemen.

I became a Cookie Butterhead more than a month ago, after seeing countless tweets and Instagram photos. Desperate to try out this miraculous marvel (redundant on purpose), I scoured the Internet in the hopes of finding a source in Manila.

And I found one, in The Food Bin. As a bonus, it just so happened to be located ten minutes away from my house. God loves me!

It was love at first bite — at least for me. It tasted sweet, definitely, but not overpoweringly so. It had a balance of gingerbread tartness that I can't quite describe. But the best part was that it went perfectly with whatever I chose to pair it with: a piece of toast, a banana, or vanilla ice cream, to name a few. The crunchy texture also added something to the over-all flavorful sensation.

A month later, we've since consumed two jars at home. And that's with serious "pacing" (a.k.a. savoring every bite), because each jar costs PhP 425. Not exactly budget friendly, but this is why it's exactly what it is: an indulgence.

Yesterday, my dad (a certified peanut butterholic and recent Cookie Butter convert) decided to get two more jars for us to enjoy at home. Thankfully, The Food Bin had stocks of both variants. They run out of orders pretty quickly, as you can imagine.

As of this writing, there have since been other Cookie Butter sources, which I will list below.

But thankfully, there's another, more accessible, but equally yummy way to enjoy the beauty that is Cookie Butter.

For those living in Metro Manila, hop on over to select Go Nuts Donuts branches to enjoy the awesomeness that is... Cookie Butter Donuts.

Heaven meets Heaven. The glaze on the donut combined with the sweet-gingerbread-tart-creaminess of the Cookie Butter frosting = a party in your mouth!


(This particular image borrowed from this link.)

Price-wise, the donuts are a steal: PhP 36.00 per donut; PhP 285.00 for a dozen pieces. A fraction of what you'd pay for a jar from Speculoos!

Once I run 10K (which is soon since I did my first 8K yesterday; yay, me!), I'm definitely rewarding myself with one of these babies.

Where to find Cookie Butter in Metro Manila:

The Food Bin
201 Katipunan Avenue Ext.
Blue Ridge, Quezon City

Blue Kitchen Rockwell
Level P1 Power Plant Mall,
Rockwell Center, Makati

Blue Kitchen Shangri-la
Level 6 Shangri-la Plaza Mall,
Mandaluyong City

Cookie Butter Manila

Where to find Go Nuts Donuts Cookie Butter:


SM Mall of Asia

Market Market

SM Makati

Shopwise Cubao

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  1. Unfair! Wala yan sa Go Nuts Donuts dito. :( Hehe.

    Now that I've tasted Cookie Butter, Nutella has become too sweet for me. I wish we had a seller her that has stocks on-hand.

  2. I'll tell the Go Nuts gang to make the donuts available there! :)

    And I agree, Nutella has become too sweet for me now, LOL!

  3. You may also Visit The Cookie Butter Shop in Fairview Quezon City its at 2nd floor Ajf bldg just beside Nail Avenue same bldg with Monteray near INFINITEA you may also contact them at 09175460515 thanks :)


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