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Birthday Milestone

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I realize that a birthday in itself is a milestone, but it was doubly so because on my birthday this year, I chose to join a run for a cause.

Weeks back, I had heard of AETAkbo, the proceeds of which would go to the Aeta (indigenous) tribe. Not many of our indigenous tribes get support — for the most part, they fend for themselves using whatever resources are available to them — so I thought that this would be a good cause to support.

That was my first motivation. The second one was to finish a 6K race. Originally, I planned to sign up for the 3K race since I thought that it was enough for me to choose to run on my birthday. However, my brother encouraged me to aim for a 6K run. (Please note that prior to this run, my last one was the 5K Adidas run back in September of last year.)

I thought to myself, might as well, right? So I erased "3K" from my registration form and instead chose "6K".

At 4:45 a.m. last February 24th — my birthday — I got up, grabbed a piece of toast, drank enough water to hydrate me for the run, and Chuck and I were off to join the other runners.

The race started at 6:00, as scheduled. Both the 3K and 6K runners went off at the same time; the 3K runners were to go around certain parts of the Ateneo campus once, while we 6K runners had to go around twice.

The first 3K went by pretty fast for me. I normally run 3-5K anyway when I work out, so that was no problem.

However, on my 4th kilometer, I started to feel tired. Good thing I was able to refill my water bottle at one point; the summer heat is fast approaching and I could already feel how hot it was at 6:30-something in the morning. I just kept on encouraging myself with little targets (i.e. run toward that tree; when I'd reach the tree, I'd set another goal). I was also thinking about how the 42K runners of The Bull Runner Dream Marathon — which took place at the same time we were running — were doing.

By God's grace, I managed to finish the race. Not as fast as I would've wanted to, but the important thing was that I finished on a relatively injury-free note. (My legs were pretty tired the rest of the day, though. I couldn't wait to sleep!)

Sweaty post-race face.

After the organizers greeted me over the loudspeaker. It was so nice of them to do so. Thank you!

Chuck finished strong. Good job, brother!

Time to carbo-load!

Considering how much I used to abhor running (really, I'd much rather do 100 laps in the pool than run 5K — even to this day, swimming comes more naturally to me), I was pleased that I had come a long way.

Needless to say, the reward was all the food I enjoyed during my birthday lunch with my family at Eleven Tables, Pasig. Fondue galore!

Swiss cheese fondue.


Dark chocolate fondue.

Peanut butter fondue.
Not included in these photos were the individual-portion pizzas, pastas, butterscotch popcorn, and caramel fondue. Talk about birthday binge!

The family of Februarians: my sister Cooky (Feb. 5), my dad (Feb. 14), my soon-to-be sister-in-law Anna (Feb. 15), uncle Gerry (Feb. 23), and yours truly (Feb. 24).

6K race = check! Now I'm aiming to do another one sometime this summer. Hopefully I'll be able to do 10K before the year ends.

Happy birthday, self! And thank You, Lord, for this new year! Looking forward to what lies ahead this year and beyond.

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  1. Glad that you had a memorable birthday!

  2. Thanks, Marz (is that still your nickname?)! :)

  3. Oh, yes, it is! My friends use it! It's just that I don't use it as much online anymore!


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