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An Alternative for Kids

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Last Saturday, February 16th, I was invited by one of my best friends, Nica, to cover her afternoon kids' yoga class. She's been with Urban Ashram Manila for roughly one year, but they only started offering classes to kids fairly recently.

Nica told me how their classes were like, and I sort of knew what to expect since another friend of mine, Miela, does something similar with her kids' ballet classes.

Unlike most kids' after-school or extra-curricular activities, kids' yoga doesn't only teach kids the proper way of doing the poses and stretches, but they do so in a fun way: through play and imagination.

 Passing the globe around without using their hands for coordination.

Blowing the balls forward to control breathing.

The theme that day was being in the desert. As such, the kids pretended that they were the sun as well as various desert creatures: from scorpions to camels.

Yes, it's possible to get kids to stay still. (For a few seconds, at least.)

Just make them pretend that they're immune to tickling!

Tickle torture!

Imagination does wonders for kids. Instead of focusing on the disciplines (which, frankly, can be quite tedious when you're five years old), they have fun while learning new things.

 Pretending that they were seeing scorpions in the desert.

Learning an animal-inspired pose.

Some friendly competition won't hurt either. Here, the teachers (Nica and Rina) divided the class into two. The groups would then decide on which pose — based on the animal-inspired ones they had learned earlier — would be better than the other's.

 Team Nica.

Team Rina.

Team Nica vs. Team Rina.

By the end of the one-hour session, the kids didn't look tired or stressed, and it looked like they had tons of fun!

On the other hand, I was proud to see Nica in action. She's always had a soft spot for kids, and her various teaching experiences have come in handy as a kids' yoga instructor. 

As a kid, I was always involved in activities apart from the four corners of my classroom. I swam competitively for ten years and was practically enrolled in every summer program conceivable (from ballet to baking to gymnastics to golf to piano to basketball to badminton to art). I can safely say that all of these made me a well-rounded individual.

So I'd like this to say to parents out there: if you have a kid or know of someone who does, here's another worthwhile alternative to the many activities being offered nowadays. Bring them away from their iPads, TV, or computer screens for an hour or two, and give them the chance to have lots of fun while learning something new!

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