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"Be Silent, Be Still"

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I remember that scene from She's All That (the 90's movie starring Rachael Leigh Cook and Freddie Prinze, Jr.): that performance art scene featuring incomprehensible movements, a monologue, flashes of color, and a concept that just didn't make sense to me. Over and over again, the characters would murmur, "Be silent. Be still. Be silent. Be still."

Years later, call me ignorant, but those lines still don't make sense to me. At least not in the context of that performance.

But they made perfect sense in an entirely different way. Especially all throughout the week that was.

Last week, together with the rest of my church, seven days were spent fasting from food and other distractions such as social media, and instead feasting on the Word and praying like never before.

It was a week of nearly instantaneous breakthroughs, miracles, and realizations. Indeed, when we all become "silent" and "still" — and do away with the things that would otherwise bind us to this world — we can hear God speaking to us more clearly and directly.

I was able to really pray. Not just in the quietness of my own heart, but with my family, friends, and complete strangers. What a blessing it was to be able to pour out whatever it is we were feeling inside.

This booklet was my lifeline for 7 days. In it were the daily passages that we had to read and reflect on.

Every night, we had the opportunity to come to church (whether in the main church or in any of the satellite churches) to hear the same messages being shared with the entire congregation.

Last Friday was a pleasant surprise as one of my really close friends from high school, Mids, not only came but even invited another high school classmate (whom I hadn't seen in years), Kat. Together, we were able to reflect on the passage for that evening and pray together.

One of our family's answered prayers as of last Saturday was our cousin, Bea, passing the ACET. This coming June, she'll be a Psychology freshman at Ateneo. Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam!

There were many other blessings that I'd like to write about, but are better left unwritten first. However, I realized throughout this prayer and fasting week just how noisy life can get. More often than not, we really need to be intentional about carving out and prioritizing time with the Lord. Otherwise, the distractions of the world — which can include work, or even mundane things like Facebook or TV — will just drown out His voice.

I really want to make my 2013 revolve around what He wants for me. And I know it'll be nothing short of amazing. The only way for this to happen is if I make time for Him to let me know what His plans are and not preempt Him or rush into anything.

Be silent. Be still. 

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