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'Tis That Time of the Year Once Again + A Wish List

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I'm a total sucker for the Holidays. I really am. Usually, I'm one of the first to feel the Christmas spirit, especially because here in the Philippines, malls and streets are decorated and airwaves play Christmas songs as early as September 1st. The few months we get to "deck the halls" of our home every year, I really look forward to spending time in the house. I just love the cheery and nostalgic vibe Christmas brings year in and year out.

TriNoMa Mall, taken by Marc Viaje.
Original photo here.

The downside, though, is that Christmas can also bring about materialism and consumerism when malls are filled with panicky shoppers who've realized they forgot to buy gifts for so-and-so. Personally, I always feel bad whenever I'm given a gift by someone I might not have included in my "to buy for" list. So I end up rushing to the mall to get that person a gift, even if it means giving it belatedly.

Still, I really enjoy the gift giving process. And I'd like to think that I'm a decent gift giver. I really try and think of what the person I'm shopping for would need or want. And if I absolutely have to give "generic" gifts — i.e. to a group of indivuals — while I give the same items, I'll make sure it's something useful. Something they wouldn't leave lying around just to collect dust.

I'm a crammer, though, so I usually shop weeks or days before Christmas. Similar to how I function at work, I feel a sense of urgency when I shop for gifts close to D-Day. Shopping alongside 2,000,000 eager beavers who push and claw at you or reach for the same item as you is a challenge that I actually enjoy facing.

Just today, I had an impromptu ramen and movie date with two of my closest girl friends. After the movie (if you guessed what we watched, considering it was an all girls' movie date, then you're probably right), we walked around the mall. It was packed. All the shops, especially the department and toy stores, were filled with people. Couples would walk out armed with new shopping bags; families would walk away with gift-wrapped bags; I even saw a kid or two proudly rolling out his/her brand new bicycle. To think that we haven't even reached the end of November yet.

Truly, I'm feeling the Christmas rush.

My friends and I also talked about what we wanted for ourselves this Christmas. And I've come to realize that I'm truly happy with what I have. (That's partly because I already have this. So, materially-speaking at least, what more could I ask for? Really?)

But they prodded me, and I also asked them, and I realized that girls will always have common items on their Christmas wish list.

Compared to the past few years when I would dream the impossible dream, this year's wish list is far less quixotic.

(1) A nude lipstick for work/daily use.

(2) Size 9.5-10 flats. Solid colors, printed, two-toned. I love them all.

(3) Loose tops that I can tuck into shorts (as pictured) or wide-legged slacks.

(4) Funky, chunky jewelry. I love huge necklaces, bangles, and dangling earrings.

(5) Long printed skirts. On the days I need a break from pants, it would be nice to wear flowy patterned skirts. I'm not fond of wearing shorts (what more short skirts?) these days because my skin asthma is acting up. So long skirts would be a nice alternative to my usual jeans or slacks.

(6) Gel eyeliner pen. 

(7) Compression tights. Or long tights for running. I'd prefer this length for the same reasons stated in No. 5.

(8) Size 10 Black/Red/White Nike LunarEclipse or LunarGlide stability shoes. One of my best friends, as well as my marathoner aunt and uncle, swears by these shoes, and I'd like to have new lightweight race shoes since I'm now a stability shoe wearer (my Adidas Climacools are now my strength training days pair).

While drawing (or Photoshopping) up this list, though, I realized that I didn't need any of it. Sure, it would be nice if I got any of these for Christmas, but seriously, I'm more than content with what I have right now.

God has been so good, so gracious to me this year, and I can't ask for more. Despite the challenges that 2012 has brought, He's gotten me through them. I wish I could enumerate or write about each and every blessing I've received, but it would be nicer to talk about it face to face. Let's just say that He continues to floor me with His generosity and agape love — not just for me, but for my family, friends, and the other amazing people He has brought into my life.

At the end of it all, despite all the commercialism, despite all the warm and fuzzy feelings I get when I see the decorations strewn all over the metro, I celebrate His lovingkindness this Season.

What do I most wish for this Christmas? 

Really, when all's been said and done, it's to have His grace and favor overflow in my life, as well as my loved ones', in the year to come.

Happy Holidays, everyone!

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