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Eating My Words (And Feelings)

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A little less than three years ago, I was one of the initial scoffers when the very first iPad came out. I wasn't entirely sure of its future and I even remember laughing at its name. It got worse after countless iPad memes surfaced (this might refresh your memory).

Since then, I am happy to say that I'm truly sorry that I ever doubted and laughed. The iPad (as well as the many other tablets that have since emerged) has, in more ways than one, found its place in the grand scheme of things. It has truly become one's computer-away-from-their-computer, their more-functional-than-a-smartphone phone.

However, I never really thought about getting one, even with all the generations of iPads that came out. My brother got (and still has) the first generation iPad; months back, my family and I gave our mom the second generation iPad for her birthday. The 3rd generation looked tempting (what piqued my curiosity, admittedly, was the camera; how predictable).

With any of the iPad generations, I quite liked the fact that I could read tons of e-books, surf and update/go over my social networks, play games, draw, and even work to a certain extent. But I still wasn't sure that I needed one. Something was holding me back, and I didn't stop for a moment to think of that it was.

Until the iPad mini came into existence a few weeks back.

When I heard about it (though I kind of had an idea that Apple was cooking up something of this nature as early as months in advance; thank you, Twitter!), I instantly fell in love.

I realized that was holding me back when it came to iPad "consumption" was the size.

The mini would be perfect for me: easy to carry around in my bag, usable with one hand, but it would still perform the same way its bigger iPad counterparts would.

Anti-mini critics would say that its inferior display/resolution would be its biggest flaw, apart from its processor, etc. Very technical stuff, in other words.

But since I'm more about aesthetics (in this case, its size, weight, and sleekness) and functionality than the nitty-gritty of gadgets, I'm fine with it. I can forgo retina display in favor of portability and ease of use. Besides, I have a feeling that the next generation iPad mini will address the display/resolution flaw.

Now, I'm truly an iPad happy camper.

Here's my advanced Christmas/birthday gift as well as a "pat on the back" of sorts. 

Thank You, Lord, for this huge, HUGE blessing!

P.S. I ordered a red case (see No. 6) long before I actually had the iPad. Go figure.

P.P.S. E-book titles that you recommend I look for? My genres of choice: historical fiction (i.e. Carlos Ruíz Zafón), young adult (dystopian literature plus the likes of Percy Jackson) and even chick lit (hey, I need to unwind somehow). Fire away!

P.P.S.S. For those who may be interested to own a regular-sized iPad, the 4th generation (with retina display) is out as well.

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  1. I know how you feel. I had a hand-me-down iPad1 that I hardly used and preferred to use my iPhone. Now that I have a mini, I can't stop using it.

  2. Hey, AVCr8teur!

    I know what you mean! Sometimes, I have to stop myself from using it at night. Or else I won't get to sleep!

    Glad to hear that you're enjoying yours. :)


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