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Runner Woes

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After the Adidas King of the Road race, I decided to reward myself by taking things slow and giving myself a little break.

I ran only the Friday after (I was running every other day before the race) and, stupidly, didn't stretch as well as I should have. As a result of this, my old friend returned.

Thus, last weekend, my foot was wrapped with medical tape, and I wore arch support inserts everyday to work. I also read up on the best type of running shoe for my condition and sadly, I realized that I needed stability shoes and not neutrals (my New Balance trainers, as well as my Adidas Climacools, were neutrals).

Today, I decided to hit two sports shops (Riovana in Katipunan and The Sports Warehouse in Libis) to consult with the shoe salesmen about my foot condition plus the way I ran. Shockingly, I realized I was an overpronator who just happened to have high arches. Normally, overpronators are flatfooted.

I was advised to get stability shoes (the Internet was right) but make use of arch supports.

Thankfully, a lot of shoes in The Sports Warehouse were on sale, plus I was able to try different types of arch supports in Riovana.

Meet my new pair of New Balance 870's. I got them for only PhP 1,800 (USD 43) which, for most runners, would be dirt cheap. In the picture is my ankle support for my left foot, which is also by New Balance.

When the condition manifests itself, I usually feel searing pain from the arch all the way up to my leg. Wearing the arch support, I felt instant relief. Because it keeps my arch from collapsing, it reduces the pain that my left foot and leg would otherwise feel.

Excited for the day I can break in my new trainers (hopefully in less than a week; in the meantime, I'll just have to do strengthening exercises for my calves and toes).

I really and truly hope that I've found the right pair of shoes for my foot and that I'll run injury-free from now on.

If not, I guess the search for the best shoe is still on.

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