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One Big Bark

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Years ago, when my sister still used to watch the Olsen Twins' DVD series and was a serious fan of the freckly-faced Lindsay Lohan in The Parent Trap, she was in love.

In particular, with the furry lead of the Air Bud franchise.

Poster nicked from Google. 

In fact, her dream dog, from then on, was the Golden Retriever.

For many years, though, the dogs in our family were Labradors. My uncle, Alex, started it all: he was a breeder in the early 90's and got into dog shows. He gave me my first Lab, Ashley (if you used to read my LiveJournal back in the day, you'd remember Ashley from my entries), and from then on, it was Lab Mania all the way. Tito Alex also gave Labs to my other uncle and aunt, so all of us in the family basically fell in love with the breed.

But two years ago, on her final year of college, my sister decided that she really wanted to save up for her "dream dog". And she did.

That was how we got Buddy (and now you know where his name came from).

Of all the dogs we've ever had the privilege of taking care of (not to forget, Buddy's current canine companions: our former dog show champion, Shadow, and our athletic sweetheart, Cassie), Buddy's personality stands out in a different way.

For one thing, he really — and I mean, really — loves the camera.

He knows, whenever I lift my iPhone, digital camera, or even my SLR, to hold still for a few seconds. Somehow, he senses that these gadgets mean something if he holds his pose while facing them. Perhaps because he receives endless pats on his back, neck, and head after I take a good picture of him.

This is why, unlike Shadow and Cassie, he has a lot of photos online. It's not necessarily because he's the darling of the family. He's just the easiest to take pictures of. (Shadow, through time, has become easier to photograph; Cassie, on the other hand, never sits still for a second.)

And since my dad bought Buddy an Ateneo jersey yesterday (yes, we actually found one that fit him; amazingly so, considering his height), we just had to take pictures. This is our family's way of joining in on the five-peat festivities.

This was after we put the jersey on him, which took a good five minutes to do. 
Prior to yesterday's faux-photo shoot, he never had clothes on his back. This was a new and unusual experience for him.

Getting used to it. At first, he ran around in circles. 
I could almost see the gears in his brain click: "What is this thing that I feel all over my body?"

A sure-fire way to get him to stay (for an even longer period of time)? Show him a kibble.

He'll pose for minutes at a time if shown a kibble.
If we don't have anything to feed him, he'll still pose for a few seconds. 
Enough time for us to take a decent picture of him.

I think his new goal in life is to be Ateneo's newest endorser.

All photos were taken by my sister, Cooks, while I was the decoy to make Buddy stay in place.

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  1. Buddy is now completely blue-blooded like the rest of his humans! :D

  2. Oh, definitely!

    Sadly, he's the only one who's never been inside the Ateneo campus. Before he came to us, the no-dogs-allowed ordinance was issued. :(


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