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What's My Style?

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When my friends and I were on vacation, we got to talking about each one's personal styles. The consensus, when it came to me, was that my style was a hybrid of all my friends': somewhere in between preppy/classic and funky/Bohemian (perhaps as a result of my love for the beach).

I realized that my friends were right. My style, if you can call it a style, is somewhat confused.

I'm no fashionista, so please don't try to get tips from this post. You might regret it! (Cue manic laughter.)

Instead, be inspired by my sister's shoe collection, most of which I don't and probably wouldn't attempt to wear!

My sense of fashion is the total opposite.

Exhibit A: My usual work get-up

Thrifted sweater, SM Dept. Store white jeans, Lulu Swing "Drive" flats.

Boots from Cotton On HK, bangles from Mom, necklace came for free with a white top that I bought.

Since it's cold (as in, hypothermia-inducing levels of cold) in the advertising agency where I work, I usually wear long-sleeved tops, then a jacket over it, paired with slacks or jeans and flats. I don't like wearing skirts because my skin's perpetually dry (I have skin asthma and I'm prone to scarring easily). That's why most of my bottoms are leggings, jeans, and different kinds of slacks. You could say that this is my preppy side.

However, I always, always accessorize with oversized jewelry: dangling or hoop earrings, a necklace, bangles and rings. In fact, whenever my art director-partner draws me, she always exaggerates the jewelry I wear. That's my funky/so-called Bohemian side.

Exhibit B: Jewelry

I love huge, colorful jewelry. Far be it from me to forget my heavy earrings, bangles, and rings, but I can forgo a watch, a belt, or even a jacket.

Jewelry from everywhere (bazaars, department stores, Forever 21, as gifts, etc.)

Exhibit C: Shoes

I rarely wear heels since, sometimes, I have to walk long distances, ride the MRT and LRT, then a tricycle to get home. But my bigger reason is this: I don't need to (to put it out there, I'm 5'8"; enough said, I guess?).

So I wear ballet flats, sandals, and sometimes sneakers to work. Also, boots.

Ballet flats that my sister recently got for us from the Eastwood Mall.
We both wear size 10's!

However, the few times I wear heels (a.k.a. nights out with friends), they usually aren't that high. 

 My favorite red pumps, which I got in Rockwell.
Check out my wide feet and high arches.

These ones remind me of Pocahontas.
Also, hello, cankles!

Exhibit D: Color

I am a huge fan of color, and what I usually do is wear basic/earth tone outfits then color block using my shoes and jewelry.

Fuschia ballet flats were a gift from my aunt.

Oxfords from Crossings in Shangri-la.

What I wore last December to our Creatives' Christmas party.
Unfortunately, somebody forgot to line her brows. That would be me.

Exhibit E: Prints

My supposedly funky side emerges when I choose to dress in prints or use my oversized drawstring pants.

 My sister and I with unintentionally matching outfits last New Year's Eve.

Bought these printed drawstring pants in Bangkok.

Now that I've seen all these pictures, it's "confeeeeeermed" (say it like you're proud of it!) that I am a fashion mutant of sorts.

The question is, what category do I fall under? Prepky? Funpy? Classhemian? Bossic?

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  1. If any of us were purely one style, I think it'd be a little boring. Labels are only for cans, after all. If anything, your style is... well, Tina!

    Also, up high for size 10's. We're the same! *high fives*

  2. Hey, you!

    It's true, what you said. Though when I look at some people, oftentimes, their styles fall under just one category. I guess the more eclectic will always be better. :)

    Yay to discovering a fellow big-foot! Isn't it REALLY HARD to find nice shoes our size here in Asia? #bigfootproblems


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