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Growing up, I had so many dreams for myself: experiences to be had, places I wanted to see, things I wanted to save up for. Nowadays, little by little, I find myself placing tick marks beside my mental bucket list.

Here are some of the more recent items that received tick marks beside them.

1) Upgrade my DSLR: January 2011

Prior to this, I'd been alternating between two rather ancient Canon DSLRs: a 10D (which doesn't work anymore) and a Rebel 300D. The Rebel still works, but there are times when it doesn't always cooperate as it should.

Given that I'd been accepting small photography jobs on the side, I needed to do something about this. And quick. Finally, I decided that it was time to invest in a new one. And it was worth every peso.

2) Helmet dive in Boracay: April 2011

I've always wanted to learn how to scuba dive (more about this later), but this is one hobby that demands so much from you: time and money.

However, I'd heard about the recent attraction of Boracay for some time and made it a goal to try it out sooner rather than later. Since I'm such a big fan of the water (as well as marine life), this was something I needed to experience. And it was an amazing feeling to be with different kinds of fish several meters underwater!

3) Eat beef pho in Vietnam: May 2012

I love beef noodle soup and I couldn't wait for the opportunity to eat actual pho in Vietnam.

So when there was a discount on flights going to and coming from Ho Chi Minh, my siblings and I (plus Anna, the girlfriend of my brother, Chuck) all jumped at the opportunity to visit a new country and eat what is probably its most known and loved dish.

And it didn't disappoint. As I type this, I'm missing the tenderness of the beef strips, as well as its unbelievable savory, mouthwatering broth with a hint of whatever herb/s they add in there. Please, somebody, bring me back now.

4) Join a race: July 2012

From my early grade school years 'til the end of my high school days, I would join swimming competitions. Two years ago, when I started biking again, I would join organized biking events. But never once did I consider joining a race/fun run because I was always so bad at running.

However, a few months ago, I decided to try training for a triathlon (given that I could already swim and bike fairly decently). This meant that I needed to work on my running, though.

So I started running — even if I was so horrible at it — and worked up the courage to join my first 3K two months ago. Surprisingly, I survived (even with two flyover climbs).

Here are some of the things that I still want to do/see/save up for — hopefully in the near future:

1) Eat pizza in Italy.

Italian food will always be my favorite cuisine on the planet, as cliché as this sounds. I just can't explain my love for cheese, especially when combined with tomato sauce. This is why I'll never tire of pasta and pizza. In fact, my last meal on earth should consist of a gooey margherita pizza and a platter of penne al telefono.

Liz Gilbert (played by Julia Roberts) in Eat Pray Love.
Photo from here.

2) Go on a Holy Land Tour.

I'd love to see the settings for almost all events in the Bible, the places where Jesus walked and talked, where He made miracles happen. I'm sure this will enrich my faith and deepen my relationship and walk with Him.

Photo from here.

3) Join a triathlon.

I won't be prioritizing this within the year as I feel that I still need to work on my running. Hopefully, by mid-next year, I'll be able to join my first sprint triathlon.

Photo from here.

Of course, this also means that I'll need a road/tri bike. Another item that needs to be part of my bucket list, fortunately and unfortunately.

Photo from here.

4) Learn how to surf and scuba dive.

I'm such a water baby that I really want to learn two of the best sports related to the water, which are surfing and scuba diving. I'll need to be either über rich and/or have all the time in the world to accommodate these two hobbies, but, hey. A girl can dream, can't she?

Photo from here.

Photo from here.

5) Watch a play/musical in Broadway and in the West End.

After watching the Australian/London production of The Phantom of the Opera here in Manila just a few weeks ago, I'm more dead set on seeing productions in their two Meccas.

 Photo from here.

6) Visit my relatives in Toronto.

I have several of them in Canada, and it's a shame that I haven't been able to visit them all these years. I really do want to save up to visit them soon. And I really have no excuse not to because Philippine Airlines now flies to Toronto.

Two of the people I really need to see: my cousin, Angelo, and my beautiful new cousin-in-law, Brittany.
Photo by Rebecca Larcombe, taken from Brittany's Facebook.

7) Save up for an ultrawide (10-20 or 10-22mm) and telephoto (70-200mm f/2.8) lenses.

Once I have these two, I'll be done with all my photography needs. Forever. I promise.

Sigma 10-20mm. Photo from here.

Canon 70-200mm f/2.8 L. Photo from here.

8) Get published.

I don't know yet whether I want to write a novel or a children's book. But this has been a lifelong dream of mine: to see my words (and maybe even art) on bookstands, in people's homes, and now, as epub or PDF documents for the tablets of this world. 

Of all my bucket list dreams, this one terrifies me the most and I'm sure writers everywhere will be able to understand why.

When one writes, one exposes his/her soul. If I do get published, a part of me will be out there for the world to consume, critique, laugh at, cry with, take home, ridicule, read under the covers with. But it's a challenge and I think I'm up for it. I just don't know what to do/write about yet.

Filipina author, Samantha Sotto, during one of her book signings.
You can read my review of her book, Before Ever After, here.
Photo from here.

I'm sure I have other dreams, but these are the ones I first thought of.

How about you? What's on your bucket list?

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