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31 Years of Togetherness

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I realize that this post is long overdue (perhaps I should've blogged about this last year on their 30th), but as they say, better late than never, right?

My parents celebrated their 31st wedding anniversary yesterday. No small feat considering they were together for seven years (as boyfriend-girlfriend) before tying the knot.

As their eldest — I entered this world shortly after they were married — I was there for all of their ups and downs: the first time they moved into their first shoebox-sized house, the years we lived in a compound together with my maternal grandmother and my mom's sisters and their families, their newfound faith in and personal relationship with Jesus Christ, my mom's pregnancies and the birth of each of my siblings, job hunts, financial difficulties, promotions, local and international trips, ministries and retreats, triumphs, failures, sickness, moving to other houses, and everything else under the sun.

I'm blessed to have witnessed how they continue to relate to one another through the years. Though they have an imperfect marriage (whose is anyway?), I'd think theirs is close enough to perfection.

At their anniversary celebration last night.

What makes their marriage work is, first of all, they are each other's best friends.

They don't only talk about family/household matters or their jobs on a day-to-day basis. They talk about everything: Ateneo (this goes without saying), the UAAP, local showbiz and Hollywood (actually, my dad's really in-the-know when it comes to these things, believe it or not), books, The Newsroom and American Idol, ministry opportunities, their relationship with Jesus, the Bible, dogs in general as well as our own dogs, and the list goes on.

Since they've been together for so long, the system/routines they established earlier on in their marriage still apply/ies today: in terms of finances, when is market day, when is grocery day, who's assigned to this-and-that, etc.

They still love going on trips together, having Saturday breakfast dates, giving each other little surprises, making sure we have family time on special occasions and that we go on at least one family trip per year.

Whenever they fight, or get annoyed with each other, or have issues, they constantly try to minimize the length of time they stay mad at each other.

Since they're different in more ways than they are similar, they complement each other's strengths and weaknesses pretty well.

Marriage doesn't come with an instruction manual, but if I get married someday, I know I'd love to pattern mine after my parents'.

Happy anniversary to my mom and dad, whom I love with all of my being!

In keeping with my dad's roots, last night's dinner was Spanish, at Casa Armas.

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