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What's Happening to Me?

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A week ago, I wrote about how I don't like running, but that I hoped I would learn to like it. Then love it.

Surprisingly, in just one week, I already feel like I'm getting to that point where I might start liking it someday soon.

So far, my time has improved (I can now run 3K in less than 20 minutes with a few seconds' worth of walking breaks; a month ago, I'd take it in 30 minutes with lots of walking breaks) and I feel my legs getting stronger. Also, there hasn't been a "repeat performance" of the shin splints that befell me a week and a half ago, thankfully.  

I think I'm quite ready to run my first race this Sunday. I already got my singlet, race bib, and the map of the run last weekend. 

Runners who've registered for the Big Blue Run VI can claim their race kits at the Riovana outlet on the 3rd floor of the Regis Center building along Katipunan.

And I bought myself a white visor to complete the "feeling runner" look. I also loaded my iPod Shuffle (which I found just over the weekend as well; imagine that?) with happy, cardio-pumping songs.

Also this weekend, I checked out different kinds of lightweight running shoes. I've been researching about the benefits of having two kinds of shoes (one pair for training, another pair for actual races) and I'm wondering now if I should invest in a second pair for races.

I got to try the Mizuno Wave Ronin 4 last Saturday and it felt really light and comfortable.

Mizuno Wave Ronin 4 Women's (above) and Men's (below) lightweight running shoes.
Images nicked from Google.

I'll try running with my current New Balance pair this coming and see how that feels during a race. If I feel I'd need lighter shoes during the actual triathlon this November, then I'll see about getting a lightweight pair (like the aforementioned Mizunos). 

On a funny note, I seriously can't believe I've been researching about and checking out anything run-related. My body must be laughing at me, wondering if my former self has been replaced with an adrenalin and endorphin junkie.

Then again, whenever I find myself still craving a bag of Mr. Chips (one of our local products), I know I'm still me.

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  1. Wow, that is some serious gear! What's your foot type? I tried running before with training shoes, strained my feet during runs.

  2. I have a high arch, so I need either stability or neutral shoes. Best to have your gait checked by store specialists next time you consider investing in a good pair of shoes! :)


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