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My Bag Is My Life

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Earlier this year, I watched a play entitled Love, Loss, and What I Wore (RIP, Nora Ephron!) with my sister, mom, and her sister. It was a classic girls-only day and we loved the play to pieces. Almost every second had us chuckling, if not laughing uproariously.

There was one particular monologue in the play where the character talked about her bag and how her life was in that bag. I could relate so much to that particular character. In fact, I could've easily been up on that stage and reading her lines. She described my relationship with my bag to a T!

My bag is an extension of myself and my house. If I could fit everything I owned inside my bag, I would. I'm a classic pack rat, which means I keep everything (and I mean, everything). If I don't clean out my bag on a semi-regular basis, you'll find credit card and cellphone bills from months ago, the charger of my camera (and cable of my camera), freebies I get from people distributing stuff in malls, a book or two, and a whole bunch of other stuff. Aside from the regular "inhabitants" of my bag, of course.

Meet my bag.

My sister gave this to me for my birthday this year. It's huge, with two zippers inside. She knows that I can only survive with big bags (no cute totes or clutches for me, please) so I instantly loved this. All my things can fit in here — and more, i.e. if I have to bring my travel documents with me.

Plus, its handles are short enough for me to clutch my bag tightly when I have to take public transportation. No to thievery! 

Meet the residents of my bag:

Can you tell that I love the color red? Nope. Not really.

(2) My red umbrella. Since the weather has been unpredictable as of late, I always have to bring an umbrella. Just in case Mother Nature decides to weep and I find myself on the streets of Makati.

(3) My red Marithé + François Girbaud wallet, which my mom gave two Christmases ago. It's starting to get frayed at the edges. I'm not sure how much longer this will last with me, but thankfully, I have a new wallet which is on standby.

(4) My Canon Powershot A3300 IS. Technically, this is just its bag since I used the camera to take this picture, but you'll see the camera in a while. I need to have a camera in case I spot anything snap-worthy, or if friends of mine decide to have dinner on any given day.

(5) My BlackBerry Curve. You can see my Golden Retriever, Buddy, as my wallpaper.

(6) My iPhone. My older Lab, Shadow, is what you see as my wallpaper.

(P.S. Most of the time, my workout iPod — which has my choco Lab, Cassie, as my wallpaper — is also in my bag. It just so happened that, today, I left it at home after my morning run.)

(7) My Canon A3300 IS. Given to me by my parents last Christmas after they realized that I can't always bring my heavy DSLR around, especially to dress-up dinners and functions. Thanks, Mom and Dad!

(8) A brush, which is a must, especially when you have long hair.

(9) My mini make-up bag. Contains my basic must-haves: loose powder, concealer, mascara, several kinds of eyeliner, eyebrow pencils, two shades of lipstick, two shades of glosses, blush, and a small palette of eyeshadow (for functions, parties, dinners, and the like).

(10) Nasal spray. Since my allergic rhinitis acts up at any given time, I need this to keep me from sneezing every two seconds. (Also in my bag, which I didn't get to take a picture of, are my inhaler and medicines for dysmenorrhea, the flu, as well as allergic rhinitis. I've got a mini-drugstore in there.)

(11) Hand sanitizer. It always pays to have clean hands.

(12) Devotional. It's great when I can start my day by diving into God's Word, right before the day gets busy. I use my Bible app in my iPhone to supplement the day's devotional.

(13) A shawl. In case I have to go somewhere cold (i.e. a random trip to the movie theater, or dinner out), I won't have to freeze. I can just freeze in style!

I've been meaning to write a "What's In My Bag" post for the longest time, especially after seeing my other blogger friends post theirs, but I only got around to doing it now. Better late than never, I guess!

What's in your bag?

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