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I Don't Like Running

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I never liked running.

Never was interested to join the track team back when I was still a student. Never joined any of the weekend fun runs and marathons when running became a fad here about three years ago. Never bought one of those tracking devices (i.e. Nike+) to monitor my progress. Never really invested in good footwear, even if I started casually jogging these last few years just to give myself a workout.

And even now that I've been training for my first sprint triathlon, I still don't like it.

I hate how my chest huffs and puffs whenever I run (made worse because of my asthma). I hate the feeling of pounding against the pavement. I hate how my thighs and shins burn when I attempt to run a bit faster. I hate how sore my legs feel after a run workout.

Mostly, I hate the fact that I can't complete a run workout without taking a few walking breaks. Not yet, at least.

I am a competitive and driven person. I get frustrated pretty easily when I can't meet the goals I set for myself.

Since I've started to run more regularly, I can feel some significant improvement compared to the casual jog-speed walk combo I used to do before I set my sights on a triathlon. I can actually run for longer stretches now and "rest" by walking for about a minute max before going on another long run.

Because of that, I got too excited during last Thursday's run workout that I ran hard. Too hard, even. I practically sprinted the entire length of a 3-kilometer workout (except for a few "rest" walks).

My leg muscles paid for it dearly as soon as I got home.

Hello there, shin splints.

I didn't run all weekend, but I couldn't rest entirely; I still needed to go to swim training, which I did Saturday, then I went on a 15km bike ride yesterday, which was Sunday. 

But I did go out and buy a much better pair of running shoes this weekend. Say hello to my first pair of New Balance running shoes!

Hopefully my legs will cooperate by tonight so I can give these babies a test run (literally). 

I'm joining my first running event — gasp! — on the 22nd of this month, which is Ateneo's Big Blue Run 6. Together with my brothers, I'm joining the 3K run, which sadly involves a flyover climb. Since this is the same distance as the one comprising the run leg of the sprint triathlon I've been training for, I decided to sign up for my first run to get a feel for things.

In time, I hope to learn to like running. Maybe even love it. 

Who knows?

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  1. Never loved running until I experienced second wind. Good luck! Also, try the Nike+ GPS app if you want to track your progress this time.

  2. Hi, Earl! I hope I get to experience what you're experiencing at some point in the very near future. And thanks! :)

  3. I hear ya Tins. Running's not that good for my scoliosis and till now I still experience chronic back pain. My legs aren't pantay in length! Eeeeee. But you gotta live with what you gotta live with. But oddly enough, running makes me feel powerful, and not at all incapacitated by my back pains. And it does make me respect my body more. I've learned to love running because of that. And I figured, I don't have to love running all the time. Even Olympic runners would rather sleep in sometimes.

    Anyhow! Glad to see you get new and proper shoes! :) Have fun in your training and good luck on your race! :)

  4. Sigh. I guess you do learn to love something when you work on it long enough. I just hope this happens sooner, rather than later. Hahaha!

    Glad to hear that despite your facticité, you can transcend. Naaaaaks. Fumi-Philo?! Didn't that just sound like an Erika thing to say? ;)

    Thanks, Miagirl! Let's work out soon!


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