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Full of Grace

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It's 6:30 in the morning. On a Saturday. The phone starts to ring, and the morning people of our household (yours truly included) start to shift from that state of slumber to wakefulness. 

We know, even before our eyelids flutter open, who's on the other line. And true enough, when any of us picks up the phone, a familiar crescendo greets us.

"HELLO!?!?! Did you hear that HBO has a new series called The Newsroom?!?!?"

It's our one and only Tita Grace, the baby sister of my mom. 

If there's one description I can give for Tita Grace, it's this: she's one ball of energy. From the way she talks (lightning speeds), to the way she watches movies (she's in the cinema every week, practically), to the way she's game to try new dishes and new restaurants ("with gusto" is not apt enough), to the way she drags me by the hand when there's a sale at one of her favorite shops, to her many commitments at church (counseling, discipling, ministries, etc.), to the way she juggles being an amazing wife and supermom (she even used to homeschool my cousin, Bea).

Literally, there will never be a dull moment with this hyper aunt-slash-big-sister of mine. 

I'm blessed not only to have a cool (albeit crazy!) aunt, but she's more like the older sister I never had. She'll call me up at work or when I'm home to tell me the most random — and I mean, random — things. When she was into Grey's Anatomy, she'd even drop by my office just to borrow my DVDs. She is also extremely generous when it comes to things that range from the tangible (i.e. bags and shoes) to the intangible (heaps of encouragement or her time/energy).

She's also one of my biggest motivators and is always updated on the goings-on in my life. 

What blesses me the most about her, though, is the way she treats my mom. Truly, she and my mom are best friends. It's so evident in the way they check up on one another, catch up on one another's lives (usually this involves high-pitched giggling), and talk about anything and everything under the sun.

Someday, I hope that my siblings and I will still be just as close as Tita Grace and my mom are. And, in the same way we view our beloved Tita Grace, I hope that we'll be the best aunts and uncles to our future nieces and nephews as well. 

Belated happy birthday, Tita Blinky (inside joke)! We love you and thank God endlessly for you!

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  1. as long as mag-aasaran tayo 'til the day we die, then that's good enough for me :)

    nyeeeeeh, tin...


  2. Nyeeeeeh, Chuccccck.

    *thumbs down sign*

  3. I soooo love Tita Grace! She can light up any room! :) Happy birthday to her! :)

  4. I agree! And I'll tell her you said that next time we see each other. Thanks, Ives! :D


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