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Many people know me as a dog person because of my seemingly endless posts on Twitter or Facebook about my three furballs: Shadow, Cassie, and Buddy. In fact, Buddy has a Twitter and a Facebook account. Please follow him! (Sorry for the shameless plug.)

But I love my other two dogs just as much, Twitter- and Facebook-deprived as they are. It just so happened that when Buddy entered our home and lives, social networking was all the rage. Instead of incessantly ranting and raving about his then-puppy antics, I decided to create separate accounts for him since I knew of friends and relatives who wanted to find out what he was up to.

Today, though, I chose to write about Shadow, our very senior Labrador Retriever.

Shadow, a.k.a. Calvary Chosen One, former dog show champion.

Shadow should be the poster boy for Royal Canin Renal dog food. He's been consuming this rather expensive brand for three or so years now. We've tried shifting him to other brands, such as Hill's Pet Nutrition K/D variant or other low protein brands, but something always happens. His UTI acts up, meaning his kidneys aren't functioning as well as they should.

At the end of the day, we always go back to Royal Canin Renal. Even if it means we have to scour the metro for veterinary clinics or pet shops that carry this hard-to-find variant. See how much we love you, Royal Canin?

Anyway, back to Shadow.

Ever since he shifted to Royal Canin (after he collapsed all of a sudden three years ago, due to his kidneys), he's been improving. In fact, lately, it's as if his body has been taken over by a puppy. He follows everyone around, even bumping us on our knees with his entire body. His tail wags a mile a minute, and he often slams it against our shins when he walks past us.

Even if he sometimes limps when arthritis strikes, his inner pup manages to get him into trouble.

Shadow limping a few days ago.

I gave him his first tablet of Glucosamine for his arthritis last Saturday night, only to discover that he suddenly had the energy to escape from our house yesterday!

After our Sunday church service, then my mom's birthday lunch, we came home to find out that he was gone

My sister, Cooky, and I drove around the village, looking for a black dog. He wasn't in our neighborhood park, which is his favorite place. We checked a few other streets that we'd frequent. He wasn't anywhere there either.

We drove back to the house and saw that our other family members were outside the gate, all looking for Shadow. We told them that we didn't see him anywhere.

Thankfully, two little boys on bikes came up to us. They must've learned that we were looking for a black dog. One of them pointed toward a particular house up the street.

True enough, there was a moving black object. My brother, Chuck, and I ran to him, carrying his leash, and we finally got to hook it up to his collar. Shadow dragged his limp leg behind, but looked happy to see us again. Almost as if he knew that he went on an adventure and enjoyed himself!

Crazy dog!

Needless to say, we have to make sure that every time the gate has to be opened, Shadow should be tied up first, or held by someone. 

No more escaping for you, Mr. Dogdini.

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