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A Poem From Yesteryear

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I was cleaning up my email inbox (thousands upon thousands of emails dated ten years or so ago are still there!) when I stumbled upon this poem I had written when I was about 18 years old.

I thought of reposting this as a reminder to myself to remain thankful to the Lord and to be more Christlike on a daily basis.

Have a blessed day!


The Father’s Amazing Grace 
by Tina Araneta

When God created this world, He said it was good 
But He knew sin would enter the picture, and indeed it would.
From a bite of the fruit that He forbade
It was then on that man and God had to separate.

But because of the Father’s amazing grace,
He sent Someone to die in our place.
His only Son Jesus suffered on the cross,
Indeed to save the weak and the lost.

Who could ever imagine that someone like me,
A sinner, a nobody, could be set free?
From falling into the burning lake,
Jesus died for my sake!

It’s true, how much He loves you and me,
Our Messiah proved this through the cross at Calvary.
Albeit we stumble, many times along the narrow road,
He rushes to help lighten our heavy load.

He continues to use us, despite our flaws
To show to the world what He thinks is the greatest loss:
When people live their lives without His guiding hand
They wander like lost sheep to a distant land.

Yet He always finds ways to call His prodigal children back
By using His disciples to keep them right on track.
To a world gone astray, He calls on His children
To come follow Him, to be fishers of men.

I thank my Heavenly Father for continuing to mold me
Into the kind of Christian that I ought to be.
I see His mercies, His glory, unfold in my life,
Helping me rise above the world’s pain and strife.

Thank You Father for what You have done and helped me see.
That although trials may come, You are there to uplift the weary.
Help me to remember that You are always in command.
I know that, in everything, You always hold my hand.

That I may glorify Him in all things is what I pray,
Through my actions, my thoughts, and in everything I say.
That I be salt and light to a world so dark,
That I might leave an indelible mark.

That I bring others to see Your light,
That I continue to fight the good fight,
And that I continue to finish the race.
Thank You Father, for Your amazing grace!

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