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On Passion (And How It Makes People Sound Like They're Speaking Greek)

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Sometimes, you can't help but admire people with so much passion towards a particular sport, instrument, gadget, lifestyle, what have you. Some of these passions may even cross-over into the world of obsession.

Some may feel alienated when these people passionately start talking "Greek" (i.e. when my photographer friends and I start discussing apertures and shutterspeeds; or when my law school and lawyer friends start talking about politics; or when people like my cousin Nicole and her Crossfit friends start getting into the nitty-gritty of their WODs).

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As for me, I don't mind, really. I find it amusing, actually.

Like when I overhear my sister, Cooks, and her dancer friends talk about krumping, house, and other sub-categories of hiphop. Or when my brother, Chuck, and his basketball-crazed friends start discussing what OKC failed to do during yesterday's third Finals game versus Miami. Or when my youngest brother, CJ, exclaims that he "Just hit 224 BPM playing 4 notes per beat" with his PRS guitar.

Photo I took of CJ's current guitar line-up (from left): Ibanez SA260FM, PRS SE Singlecut, and the acoustic guitar he got from the Duy Ngoc store in Vietnam.

I stand back, amazed, and watch as these people dive deeper into their passions. They talk about it incessantly. It's the stuff you see on their Facebook walls or Twitter accounts. It's what inspires them on a daily basis and pushes them to pursue excellence.

Yes, not every passion is "good". Some are deemed superficial (the way there are some women who are passionate about maxing out their credit cards). Some lead people to pursue lifestyles that aren't exactly ideal. Some get into it too much that they sacrifice other aspects of their life. And yes, some are too consumed by it that they don't know when to stop.

But for the most part, I'd prefer people who pursue their passions over those who remain stagnant and unfulfilled. I'd prefer those whose words and jargon I can't understand over those who have nothing to talk about.

Ultimately, I believe that people with passion not only enrich their own lives.

They build others up.

Photo I took last month during the Livestrong mid-year ride. 

People with passion might even change the way the world works.

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I'm always humbled whenever I see people worshiping the Lord with so much fire.

Right now, one of my passions is to pursue training for my first triathlon. I've been regularly working on my running (which I'm horrible at), biking (I especially need to work on my pedaling power during inclines), and swimming (which I'm confident I can manage). It's exciting to be able to work towards a specific goal now, whereas months ago, I would bike or swim just for the sake of wanting to be fit.

Whatever your passion is, it was given to you for a reason. Seize it, own it, make it yours.

I hope we all continue to pursue what we love and find fulfillment in our lives.

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