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Now in Business (Part 1).

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First things first. I'm trying to get my blogging groove back these days. In case you might've missed it, this has been my third entry in three days — after a three-month hiatus. Go, me.

While I have things to say now, as well as the writing mojo that lets me go beyond the limits of microblogging, I'm going to keep on writing.


I've never been one of those people who thought of creating a business. Truth be told, I don't have the skills needed to put up and maintain one.

In college, I would make jewelry (intricate beadwork as well as threaded ones) and sell them to friends and relatives. That didn't last long, though. I would forget who owed me how much, and soon enough, I didn't even bother to make and sell anymore.

Then I got hired by an advertising agency and all possible thoughts of entrepreneurship flew out the window. Business? Say what? I was secure knowing that I would be paid regularly, that I had health benefits, that I would be looked after in this company, and, most of all, I would still be utilizing my creative skills.

Meanwhile, I would see friends of mine try out the nine-to-five scene and ditch it shortly after. They would soon realize that a desk job wasn't meant for them; they wanted something that was 100% theirs. So they looked out for business opportunities and grabbed them as soon as they could.

I've had the good fortune of watching many of my friends' businesses take off, but I've decided to feature two of the more recent ones.

This is the first of two entries.



One of my closest friends, Rom, told me a few months back that she was considering building a fashion brand together with our other high school batchmate, Cza-Cza. I told her that I was genuinely excited for the two of them and that if they needed anything from me, to just holler.

And holler they did.

Rom and Cza wanted a minimalist logo for their brand, something in black and white a la Elle or Kate Spade. They asked if I could render for them. I sent in a bunch of studies and shortly after, they had chosen a design. 

(Solana logo with border around for the tag on the clothes.
There's another version without the border for their packaging, etc.)

With the logo now in place, Solana was born!

As the name "Solana" implies, the brand promotes sunny, cheerful pops of color into anyone's wardrobe. They have colorful head wraps, swimsuit cover-ups, and short dresses fit for our tropical weather. Here are some photos taken from the Solana Facebook page.

A really cute dress to wear on weekends, to the beach, or even at home when you entertain guests.

Too bad the summer season's over. Otherwise, I'd be wearing this to the beach right this instant.
Since I've always been a fan of the color orange, this cover-up gets ten stars in my book.

An off-shoulder black evening top. Just the perfect thing to wear on a date or during a night-out with your closest girl friends.

A few weeks ago, they asked me once more if I would do something for them. Of course I said yes!

Solana would be coming out with head wraps/scarves, and they wanted Lookbook-esque photos for their Facebook page. It was the perfect opportunity to team up with my sister, Cooky, since I've been her photographer for her Lookbook (which is inactive at the moment, unfortunately).

Here are some of Solana's head wraps, as modeled by my sister:

Check out the whole collection of head wraps here.

I'm really happy that Rom and Cza Cza have decided to brave the uncertain world of entrepreneurship (something I'll probably never get to do). By the looks of things, Solana's off to a great start.

Please "like" the Solana page, go through each of the items in their "Photos" page, and please place your orders. I'm sure your closet will be happy to welcome some colorful new additions.

Stay tuned for tomorrow's feature, Lulu Swing Shoes.

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