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Now in Business (Part 2).

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I honestly think that shoes can make or break an outfit. For instance, a plain tank top and skinny jeans, when paired with a nice pair of pumps, can make a person look really classy. But you can come to a party in the nicest Little Black Dress with simple silver jewelry, but wear the kind of animal print wedges that would cheapen the look. 

And don't get me started on how most boys/guys/men dress. Yesterday, I saw the most atrocious combination: a hoodie, jeans, and "Daddy" leather shoes. With tassles. Yikes!

My sister and I usually share our shoes since we have the same size, which is 10. Believe me when I say I always have a hard time finding a pair that: 1) will fit me; and, 2) I actually like.

Given that, we're usually on the lookout for stylish and quality shoes that will fit us.

Enter Lulu Swing.

Months ago, I found out that my churchmate and friend, Isa Abonal, was leaving the advertising industry. I wondered then if, like most advertising people, she was simply moving to another ad agency. It turns out, she was saying goodbye for real to start "something new".

I didn't know what it was at the time, but she said she would keep me posted.

And she did.

I remember receiving a message on my BBM from her one time: "You're a size 10, right?" I replied in the affirmative.

Somehow, she also remembered, based on one of my woe-is-me-none-of-the-shoes-I-like-will-fit-me tweets, that I was a size 10.

"I have a new business. I'll be selling shoes soon."

That sounded really exciting. As a shoe person (I will most likely buy a new pair of shoes on a weekend compared to any other article of clothing or accessory), my curiosity was piqued.

I checked out Lulu Swing's Facebook page once it was up. I couldn't help but smile when I saw all the colors and styles of shoes that were featured on the page.

(All images taken from the Lulu Swing Facebook page.)

First off, I love the colors. I am a huge fan of colors. This is reflected in the way I take photos (forever saturated), accessorize myself, and draw. Naturally, these shoes grabbed my attention from the moment I saw how colorful they were. They reminded me of an endless cycle of spring and summer.

Second, I like the styles. A lot. Especially because I'm a flats kind of person. I don't need to wear heels very often since I'm already quite tall (at least by Asian standards; I'm 5'8"), so the inhabitants of my closet are flats of different textures and colors. 

Third, I was surprised by how comfortable the shoes are. 

I got two pairs the other day: the Swing (topmost pair from the pictures above) and the Drive Tan (lowermost pair from the pictures above). My sister and I tried them on as soon as we opened the package that had been delivered to our house.

(Photo collage, which I uploaded on Instagram.)

"It's so soft!" my sister said. Like me, she's particular about how it feels on either side of our big and small toes, since we have wide feet. Also, we automatically dismiss shoes with really hard backstays: the ones that give you blisters on the back of your feet.

Both Lulu Swing pairs didn't give us any discomfort when we tried them out.

I wore the Drive Tan pair to work the other day and it felt really comfortable. Yay, me!

(Photo collage also uploaded on Instagram.)

Needless to say, I'm happy with my purchases (and so is my sister, because she can borrow them anytime!). I'm sure that we'll be seeing another Lulu Swing pair in the house in the very near future.

In the meantime, I'm very happy for the team behind Lulu Swing (especially the Abonals). I'm sure business will continue to take off — especially once people see the future designs that the brand has to offer them.

For more information, please check the Lulu Swing Facebook page. You may also follow them on Twitter at @lulu_swing or Instagram at @luluswing.

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