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Thoughts on Three-Oh

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Decided to write this after a nice talk that I had with some friends about saying hello to a new decade in our lives. It just so happens that I'm about to welcome it earlier than them (in a few weeks, actually). Hence this post.


Dear Three-Oh,

Right now, I’d have to admit that I’m intimidated by you. We haven't met just yet, but I can pretty much predict what lies ahead.

And oh, the things you connote.

For the most part, I know that this is what you're all about: Settling Down. Being Already Established. Independent. Successful. Fulfilled.

I am some of those things and at the same time, I’m not — AT ALL. In many ways, I still think that I’m just getting started. That there’s no need to feel this sense of urgency. That I have a lot of time to grow, to discover myself, to challenge myself, to open myself up to what the world has in store for me.

But I can’t help but feel this sense of lack. For lack of a better word (no pun intended). That if I were in a race, I’d be one of the last. The one eating everyone else’s dust.

I know I shouldn’t beat myself up this way, but to a certain extent, I have to. Life is a race and the clock is ticking.

What am I doing?

All I know right now is this, though, Three-Oh. And you better listen carefully.

I am different. Uniquely so. And what you are to me is different from the way you are to other people.

Perhaps I’m meant to run a different race altogether. There could be a fork in that oval track. Maybe I've been predestined to turn right at the fork, leading to an oasis of possibilities.

Or perhaps I’m actually running the same race as everyone else; maybe I’m just meant to run at a different pace. I may not be the sprinter. I may be the last one huffing and puffing, but the one who endures.

I choose to welcome you, Three-Oh, not with clenched fists but with open arms. I may not like you right now. I may even approach with you a tinge of hesitation borne solely out of uncertainty.

But I choose to remain optimistic.

Three-Oh, I claim that you will be meaningful and purposeful in a way uniquely mine. I embrace the challenges, the moments of self-doubt and maybe even self-pity, the small triumphs and greater victories, the laughter, the good times, the bad.

Because someday, when I meet Three-One, Three-Five, Four-Oh, or maybe even Five-Oh, I know I will look back on you and think that everything was meant to be.

That everything worked out well.

See you soon.


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