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I saw this on a friend's blog, but like she said, this trending topic (#30ThingsAboutMe) has been going around Twitter for some time now.

Since 30 seems to be an important number to me nowadays — for reasons you all probably know by now — I'll hop on the bandwagon and list my About Me's here on my blog.

So, here goes:

1) I hate cockroaches with a burning passion. I've never killed one (because I can't bring myself to feel their tiny bodies being crushed under the weight of the shoe in my hands) and I don't like seeing their guts spill out. Also, flying roaches are one of the worst things to inhabit the planet. At least in my opinion.

2) I only eat select seafood, i.e. fish that are breaded or made into a fillet. But not fried fish, for example, because deboning them is such a chore. This goes for crabs and other crustaceans as well. I like sushi, though.

3) I have Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

4) I wear Size 10 shoes. Sometimes 11. I usually have such a hard time finding shoes (here in Asia) that will fit me. Not to mention stylish ones that I'll actually like and use regularly.

5) I only discovered the joys of lining my eyebrows this past year.

6) Most of my accessories are red (phones, iPod, wallet, etc.). I don't know how that started and why this is now the case.

7) I've never tried beer. Have no immediate plans of doing so either.

8) I have acrophobia.

9) I'm the eldest of four siblings. Sometimes, I feel like I'm their third parent; sometimes, I feel like I'm the youngest.

10) I speak two languages fluently (English and Filipino), Spanish on an intermediate level (I used to be so much better at it, though; I have a minor degree in Hispanic Studies from my uni), and French on a basic level. I plan on taking a French 2 class sometime in the near future.

11) After college, I was hired as a junior art director. I became a junior copywriter one year later (apparently, I can communicate better with words than I can with visuals) and have been a writer ever since.

12) I'm in the process of learning to manage my finances better. I have to be a better steward of His treasures.

13) I've been a Bible-believing Evangelical Christian since I was four years old, but only understood what that truly meant when I was a college sophomore.

14) I need to read at least one chapter of a book before I sleep (aside from the Bible, that is).

15) I still haven't been to any province in Mindanao (southern Philippines). I fail at being a Filipino.

16) To add to that, I haven't been outside of Asia yet. Must do something about this ASAP.

17) I'm self-diagnosed with ADHD. I need several distractions while working because when I concentrate on one thing for too long, I tend to self-combust.

18) My last meal on earth should consist of a pasta dish and a gooey cheese pizza.

19) For me, dogs are the best non-human creatures that inhabit the earth.

20) Of all the social networking sites I'm on, I don't use my Google+. The day I opened my account months ago was the first and only day I logged on.

21) I can't play any instrument. I took piano lessons for about two years (on and off) and I was taught a few chords on the guitar, but music and me? We're not meant to be.

22) I was a competitive swimmer for nine years of my life.

23) I will never ever outgrow my love for Disney animated feature films and their soundtracks.

24) I don't quite know what my taste in music is. If I even have "taste", that is.

25) I used to click the shutter of my DSLR almost every waking second when I first discovered the joys of digital photography. Now, most of the time, I just use my iPhone and Instagram. Needless to say, I've gotten lazy. Must do something about this, too.

26) One of my goals for the year is to learn how to cook. Yup, I'm basically useless in the kitchen. A shame, really, considering my mom is an awesome cook and pie expert.

27) My idea of a fun Saturday is a morning romp with the dogs, a bike ride, an afternoon in the movie theater, dinner out and maybe coffee/dessert after with friends, going home relatively early in the evening and reading a good book before hitting the sack. A full day consisting of a workout, time for self, time for dogs, time for friends. Was never into parties/clubbing. My Sundays are purely for God, family, and for rest.

28) I'm a morning person. I work best around 9 am, which makes me practically useless after dinnertime.

29) I don't like milk tea. Gasp. And to think there are milk tea shops sprouting on almost every corner of the metro now.

30) I still can't believe I've moved on to the next decade of my life. WHAT. THE.

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  1. This is a lovely list! :) Cheers to this new decade in your life. And I really do hope you get to take more photos this year!

  2. Hey, thanks, Mia! Yup, definitely need to prioritize my photography this year. :) Have a shutter-filled 2012, too!


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