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Going Ga-Ga Over Sophia

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Just these last two days, I've had the privilege of witnessing a really good friend of mine embrace a new role in her life: the most challenging and most noble of professions, in my opinion.

A little over a year ago, Rej got married to Vince and soon enough, the couple started getting used to and enjoying married life. One day, after a few months of being Mrs. Siy, Rej confirmed that she was pregnant.

It wasn't always an easy pregnancy for Rej. There were times that she had to be bedridden. Towards the end of her third trimester, she spent five weeks in the hospital because of premature contractions. But she held on and with much prayer, she was able to carry her baby to full-term.

Last January 15, Sophia Alessandra was born. Rej delivered her the Lamaze way in just a few hours (a product of her mom's, Chiqui Brosas-Hahn's, Lamaze methods) and Sophie was the picture of health when she came into this world.

Rej took to motherhood so naturally!

Mommy Rej, Baby Sophie, and Tita Tina. We're praying that Sophie also grows up to be a giant, just like us (Rej is half an inch taller than my 5'8" stature).

Daddy Vince now has two girls to fall head over heels in love with.

Sophie's face is half-Vince (the upper half) and half-Rej (the lower half). She's so precious!

From IT whiz, to beauty queen, to supportive wife, and now "Mommy", Rej is on a roll.

I'm so excited for Rej and Vince and for everything that's in store for their baby girl. It's such a privilege to be part of Sophie's life. Along with Rej's and my other girl friends, I'd love to be that aunt who'll make silly faces with Sophie, teach her about shapes and colors, buy her books (I make sure that all my nephews/nieces/godchildren like reading by spoiling them with books), read Bible stories to her, push her on the swings, take her shopping, and capture moment after moment of her growing up years with my camera.

And someday, I'll also tell her the story of how her mom and I became friends — first as four-year-old sidekicks in Sunday School, then best buds in the fifth grade after she moved to my school — and I'll tell her how important it is to find friends she can grow old with.

Welcome to the world, Baby Sophie! Auntie Tina loves you!

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